Media Treason—The Treasonous Acts of US Leftist Media and Pseudo-journalists

Media Treason—The Treasonous Acts of US Leftist Media and Pseudo-journalists



noun     the crime of betraying one’s country

Treason is a serious charge.

So serious one must dedicate time and effort to carefully examine the facts before accusing someone of it.

After witnessing another weekend of endless media reports emerging from yahoo and CNN, which were so anti-USA they caused me to become nauseous, I can no longer take it.

I have always judged the press firmly.  Now I judge them with the inflexibility and steadfastness of a Citizen seeking to assign blame on those terrorists, and terrorists sympathizers, who have cost the lives of so many US Citizens.

Ask France about allowing Syrian so-called refugees into their country without having an “extreme vetting” program in place.

Hell, ask us—the USA—about not having proper screening before allowing anyone—refugee or otherwise—into our country.

President Trump has proposed a “safe zone” in their own country of Syria for these people.

Why must these people come into our country?  Why can’t they remain in their country and be protected within a “safe zone?”

No, instead, you attack our country and endanger the lives of us—the US Citizens—and defend the “rights” of foreign refugees.


Syrian refugees HAVE NO RIGHTS in the United States.

Furthermore—what about the rights of the US Citizens?

Or do the US Citizens not have a place in your perverted line of illogic and radical and dangerous pseudo-journalism?

What about the rights of the dead caused by the violence Daesh terrorists have inflicted upon US Citizens?

Will you and your fellow pseudo-journalists be there to help the US families when they endure more suffering at the hands of the many Daesh terrorists posing as so called Syrian refugees?

Will you help mop up the blood and clean up the carnage?

Will you be there to comfort and help the US families as they go through their endless periods of grief?

The leftist media is so possessed in their agenda driven tunnel vision, that more and more pseudo-journalists spread lies and distortion, causing great harm to our USA culture and endangering the lives of our Citizens.

With every lying report, they are committing treason and will not hold themselves accountable if they cause the Trump Administration’s extreme vetting program to be postponed.

No, when the bloody US Citizens are blown-up or murdered, the pervert pseudo-journalists will line up to snap pictures and ask their absurd and pointless questions.

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