Millennial Style War—The Leftist Faction’s Planned Walkout on our USA Culture

Millennial Style War—The Leftist Faction’s Planned Walkout on our USA Culture

How Much Do You Trust the Government?

I am appalled and disappointed by the millennials who eagerly collaborated with the leftist faction to stage walkouts in support of gun control.

They, more than anyone, should realize they are the most in danger if only the government has the weapons.

Much like their embrace of Bernie Sanders—a proclaimed socialist—their warmness toward gun control sickens me.

I am convinced they have not studied the leftist-socialist, only listened to their utopian rhetoric.

The leftist-socialist grandiloquence is replete with empty promises, and no good can come of it.

The critical question asked in Publius: Libertas Aut Mors is a question we must ask ourselves frequently, if we are to remain free.

How much do you trust the government?

I don’t care about another’s opinion, nor their ability to freely express themselves, as long as I am allowed to freely express mine.

I care that they are, in fact, allowed to exercise their freedoms.

For if they are not, my freedom is in peril.

I believe in the free exchange of conviction systems and ideologies between free people.

I believe in healthy, vigorous deliberation to examine and contest perceived truths in the arena of ideas.

A leftist-socialist does not.

Their methods have been witnessed innumerable times throughout history.

Hitler, Stalin, Zedong, Castro—the names of the leftist-socialists are synonymous with corruption, violence, death, and tyranny.

They array their vicious ideology with professed notions of wellness and good, but their means lead to an end of suffering and death to its subjects.

Make no mistake, Millennials—the leftist-socialist is not a friend of the People.

Certainly, not yours.

Mao’s Red Guards

As of late, who are the biggest targets of the Leftist Faction’s propaganda machine?

The same ones who have always been the target of the leftist factions’s twisted, profane ideology—you are.

If you’re a millennial.

When Mao Zedong originated his false utopia—the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution—he targeted the young to implement it.

The young answered by creating their own tribunals and murdering squads.

At the behest of Mao’s leftist violence, the Red Guards (youth) destroyed the four olds of the decayed culture—old ideas, old customs, old habits, and old culture.

Once he succeeded in his attack against the bourgeoisie, he had the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) forcibly suppress them.

Millions died during the false Cultural Revolution.

Millions of the Red Guard zealots who helped Mao destroy the middle-class, died after he no longer required their fanatical violence.

The operative words are: millions died.

The high school walkouts of the past week—coordinated by the Leftist Faction—are along the same vein.

What is striking is that the high schoolers walking out to march for gun control will be some of the first victims if the Leftist Faction succeeds in its evil plot to take away the guns from law-abiding Citizens.

Believe me—The government is a much more proficient killer than Nikolas Cruz could ever dream to be.

Armed Security

Go to the White House, the Capital Building in DC, and you’ll be confronted by armed guards.

The politicians know that the good guns provide for safety and protection, far outweighs the evil they can be used for.

When my little sister was shot as a child, I never contemplated gun control.

When I learned that my beloved Grandfather, Baltazar Bolado I, and my Uncle Robert were mercilessly murdered, gunned down by a savage faction, I never contemplated gun control.

Yet, the high school aged targets of the leftist faction staged walkouts to leave themselves defenseless, not only in their schools, but for the rest of their lives.

Only those with immature ideas could contemplate such evil upon themselves.

All Free

Do you feel free?

I don’t always feel free.

Often, I feel I’m in a war, fighting for the preservation of a culture that I believe is under assault.

Because of the recent events, including President Trump being elected to the White House, I have hope our culture can be saved.

Time is the enemy.

I don’t believe President Trump has enough time to completely reverse the chronic leaning toward leftist-socialism in our Republic.

This leaves me troubled for the future of our Country.

I am humbled and content to stand at a wall and defend a way of life that I can no longer see—pressed forward by a vision so great, so magnificent, that I would readily give my life to touch its purity.

But one life matters little in the great struggle we face today.

Our Republic was founded upon the principle of Free People uniting as one, under God, daring to believe that Liberty was the right of all.

To me, Liberty is a sacred fortune, and I cannot foresee a single circumstance that would compel me to relinquish even the smallest portion of it, willingly.

I choose to be ALL FREE—or die.


Photos courtesy of: Jon Ly, Vladimir Vladimir Palyanov, Elijah Hiett, Brooke Cagle, Roberto Nickson, Noah van de Wetering, Kendyle Nelsen, Ryan Holloway, and Allef Vinicius

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