Never Give Up—Message to a Fellow Patriot Fighting Yahoo and Huff Post Fake News

Never Give Up—Message to a Fellow Patriot Fighting Yahoo and Huff Post Fake News

This is a message I sent to a fellow Patriot who was becoming weary of the fight against Yahoo and Huffington Post fake news lies.

You must never give up.

It is not the way of Liberty.

I hate leftism, but I don’t hate liberals.  As long as they are willing to fight with facts and not sink to the level of stupid name-calling or irrational emotions, there is still hope for them.

I was raised by a great man—my beloved Father—and he was liberal.  A JFK liberal.  You know, “Ask not what your country can do for you…”

JFK would be hated by the modern liberals today, and demonized by the evil leftists, but I could’ve found common ground with him.

My Father never disparaged my point of view.  He raised me to contest every thought and question and challenge everyone, to make certain my views were held up to the spotlight of Truth.

Deep down, in our minds, we all know that Conservatism is the most logical manner of living, and the only way Liberty can exist.

It is only when we become victims of our emotions that our thoughts become confused in our hearts.

It is in the reconciling of the two ideologies—Conservatism and Liberalism—wherein lies the salvation of our Republic.

Liberty is not supposed to be easy, or even civil.  It is a tempestuous clash of ideas.

It is in the arena of ideas where the Truth will always prevail.

But we must never give up the fight, even if we must fight it in yahoo’s cesspool of lies and fake news.  In fact, it may be the best place to wage the fight of Freedom.

Hang in there, my fellow Patriot.

Publius will guide us.

Libertas Aut Mors

Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty.

—Thomas Jefferson

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