New War Toys—How Hezbollah Came into Possession of US Weapons

New War Toys—How Hezbollah Came into Possession of US Weapons

Where—better yet—how did Hezbollah come about their new military toys?

I have my suspicions.

My suspicions derive from the reasons Hezbollah had for entering the Syrian War.

Was the clearest reason for entering the conflict—to stop the advancing Sunni insurgency in Syria—the full scope of their strategy?

I suppose it doesn’t matter—they have the US materials of war.

Hezbollah is not the kind of organization that collects war toys. They have displayed a penchant for using them.

Ask Daesh.


The dangers of the US entering the Syrian War were many.

The hazards became worse when the US began introducing weapons to supply the rebels supposedly fighting the Syrian Government and then Daesh.

The logistics are a nightmare—war is a messy business—and from the outset, the fear was that the weapons would fall into the hands of jihadists.

The shipments flowed through a series of clandestine bases in Turkey and Jordan—the usual places. The network was organized more on convenience, than on necessity. Such an inferior structure and preparation opened the door for opportunity.

To stop a Sunni advance and takeover of Syria left Hezbollah with little choice but to enter the conflict. New periphery opportunities made such an involvement downright expedient, even profitable.

One has only to view the reports and images of Hezbollah’s new arsenal to conclude the obvious.

Hezbollah made use of the Syrian Conflict to, not only assist the Syrian Government and Iran to inflict great causality on Daesh—Russia had not yet officially entered the engagement—but to utilize the foolishness of the US plan to interject weapons into a warzone without proper military safeguards.

Hezbollah came into possession of US weaponry in the same way Daesh did—through acquisition by force.

While it is easy to look in hindsight and judge the disaster that is the US involvement in the Syrian War, this is not the nature or the purpose of this blog.

This is a blog designed to study, instruct, and understand.

Thus, the question asked by the US Administration should not have been whether to enter or not enter the Syrian War.

Rather it should have been, who exactly are the rebels and how best can we secure our war materials?

To say that the United States’ involvement in the Syrian War has strengthened the King of the North is an understatement.

To know what Hezbollah intends to do with their war toys is not difficult to calculate.

Neither is their target in doubt.

All that remains now to ask, is when.




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