No Accident; No Bluff

No Accident; No Bluff

Syria shot two surface-to-air missiles at Israeli jets—and they shot at the Israeli jets not even over their own air space.

That’s the first sentence from a recent New York Observer article.

It might as well have been a quote out of the Book of Daniel, or out of the Book of Revelation.

The article, penned by Micah Halpern, appears to be composed partially in fear and disbelief.

Halpern claims that Russia does not want to go to war with Israel over Syria.  Actually, because of the strategic placement of Syria, Russia is willing go to war with anyone over Syria.

Equally certain, the episode in the skies was no accident.  Neither was it an amateur move, conducted by a “cocky” arriviste president.

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad may be many things; a poker player he is not.

Bashar al-Assad—like Russia—does not bluff.

By firing at the Israeli jets, the leopard beast tagged his primary target in the coming tribulation.

The S-200s Syria fired were no accident.



An article, penned by James Denselow, hits closer to home, as to the intent and objectives which control Assad’s mind.

Denselow categorically points out that the Syrian President has readily outsourced the defense of the country to Hezbollah, Iranian, Iraqi and Russian forces, while simultaneously encouraging the growth of pro-regime militias.

While this may appear peculiar, incredibly short-sighted, perhaps even downright frenetic to someone looking in from the outside—Assad is not desperate.

By “merging” “uniting” the, seemingly disjointed coalition to do the improbable—to defend his country—the Angelic Chief Prince of Syria is revealing to the world his mastermind and power over other angelic principalities in foreign countries.

This is the method and the dominance the King of the North will display in the last seven years, prior to Armageddon.

Assad isn’t desperate, because he is no longer in power.  He hasn’t been in power—neither his father—for many years.

For as long as twenty-five, thirty years, the Assad’s have simply been holding the throne—preserving its influence.


The King of the North who will emerge out of the ashes of Syria is far more ruthless than the Assad’s could ever dare to be.  It is the mission of the Assad’s to hold on to Syria, at all costs.

So far, they have done so.

Eschatology is quite clear that they will succeed in preserving the Syrian throne for the one who comes after them.

Only after enough have died, and the time is right, will the King of the North, who will rule Syria in the tribulation, be revealed.

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