Of the Republic—How I have come to the Decision on how I will Vote in this Election

Of the Republic—How I have come to the Decision on how I will Vote in this Election

I am an author.

A word craftsman—for better or worse—I forge the image of my existence upon the written word.

Consequently, I am a marketer (I’m awful peddling my products) and must discover the path to profit and livelihood to support my craft and passion.

As an author, I would be best served to peddle my product and avoid making waves and ruffling feathers.

But, I am more than an author.

I am a lover and a voice in support and upkeep of the Republic of the United States of America.

My love for our country—our Republic—supersedes my love of profit and professional success.

So here I sit, penning another blog that may upset and anger certain people, to voice my judgement as to the direction my country should take and the vision that should be employed to reach that goal.


After seeing the results of the past thirty years, and observing the consequences resulting from the actions of the politicians who have led us to this point in history, I am inclined to remain independent in my political affiliations and my ideology.

While I will admit that I lean toward the GOP, it is only because the GOP adheres closer to my beliefs than does the Democratic Party.

Nonetheless, my view is one of nonpartisanship.

I’ve never voted “straight ticket,” in fact years ago I voted for Bill Clinton.  I did so as a matter of principle—Bush “41” lied to me.  He told me to “read his lips: no new taxes” and then he went ahead and raised my taxes.


I do not hate liberals, and often find myself seeking to communicate with them in the battlefield of political belief and the clash of ideas.

I seek “common ground” in my decision making, voting, and my progression as a Citizen of this once great Republic.

You see, I no longer see our Republic—a Republic that has bestowed upon me, a third generation son of a Latin immigrant from Spain/Italy, everything that I have, and all that I am—as a great and powerful country.

From what I read in history books and how I perceive greatness, our Republic is weak and has declined greatly from the vision I recall in my youth, and the powerful nation I read about in history books and see in documentaries from yesteryear.

Moreover, I don’t need those sources to deduce—logically and precisely—that our Republic is weakened.  All I need do is look at the “real-time” debt clock, zipping along toward $21, 000, 000, 000, 000, see our dilapidated military, and observe the influx of third world immigrants flooding across our unsecured borders and being granted asylum (or whatever you want to say they’re being given), to see that our country cannot possibly sustain any one of these devastations and survive.

Our Republic is being confronted by all of the above.

And countless other maladies.

Our culture is being savagely ripped apart and destroyed by “lifer” corrupt politicians who care not for our cultural foundation and only seek their political gain and elevation.


It is through the employment of commonsensical, rational thought that I am led to believe that our beloved Republic must seek change, while the opportunity still exists to arrest and correct the wrong course our country’s been taken, before it is too late to save what remains of our culture.

Whether it be local politics, state politics, or national politics—all are critical to maintaining the health and wellbeing of the Republic.

We—the US Citizens of the Republic—must be involved, and become knowledgeable in the political process.

Read up on the issues, make calls and check profiles regarding the candidates.  We must all do our part if we are to elect our leaders smartly.

The future of our Republic depends on us.



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