One Step Closer—China’s Antibiotic Defense Strategy Against COVID-19

One Step Closer—China’s Antibiotic Defense Strategy Against COVID-19

According to an unclassified FBI tactical intelligence report obtained by yahoo news, of all places, there is clear evidence of China’s Government working to develop an antibiotic defense against COVID-19, at least a year before it was released.

The three vials labeled “antibodies” are critical because they begin to lay out a map to discovering the Chinese Government’s thought process in not only developing COVID-19, but developing the defense mechanics necessary to combat, control, even kill the manufactured coronavirus.

First of all, COVID-19’s connection with MERS and SARS is highly documented.  So that the materials seized were associated to these preliminary early viruses is highly significant in flu study pathology.

While antibiotics, in of themselves, are not able to combat and kill viruses, they are critical in unleashing the internal bodily defenses that can destroy them.

It must be kept in mind that the human body’s internal defense mechanisms are the ultimate defense system against fighting and destroying all earthly microorganisms.  Medicinal and pharmaceutical involvement in cure and healing is only to contribute in unleashing the human body’s defensive capabilities.

Recent scientific research at Yale University offers some clarity into this dynamic.

The researchers have discovered that by using certain antibiotics, only effective against bacteria, they were able to hack into the body’s virus-slaying mechanisms by recruiting dendritic cells.

Dendritic cells are antigen-presenting cells—accessory cells—of the mammalian immune system, whose primary function is to process measurable antigen and, through proper message and communication, help the T-cells identify and fight foreign invaders and toxins within the body.

Here is the crux of the research: Certain antibiotics were extremely effective against the body warding off influenza.  Up to a 40% success rate in killing influenza.

The researchers also discovered that certain antibiotics could shut down replication abilities of certain viruses.

This is only the start of the discovery process in uncovering the Chinese Government’s COVID-19 pandemic war plan.

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