Our Message—President Trump’s Message Isn’t His, It’s Ours

Our Message—President Trump’s Message Isn’t His, It’s Ours

NANCY BENAC and BEN NUCKOLS, of the Associated Press released a commentary in the early hours of Sunday morning.  Essentially, the convoluted length and meaning of their supposed exposition (It was a commentary or exposition; it sure wasn’t an example of journalistic excellence) transferred the event screamed and shouted across the media’s front pages since its inception: The Women’s March on Washington.

The commentators (They are not journalists, rather they are commentators or pseudo-journalists) stated in their commentary that the marchers sent “a decisive message to President Trump.”

A defiant message to President Trump?

Leave it to these pseudo-journalists to twist and distort the facts of an event to such graphic proportions that the truth of the story becomes lost in the fake news reporting.  By twisting and disfiguring the truth of an event pseudo-journalists hope to interject themselves into the story in a desperate attempt to accrue attention and relevance.

Pseudo-journalism is the number one reason the US Populous holds such low regard for the US media, and trust in US news reporting is at an all-time low.

Since pseudo-journalists Benac and Nuckols did not report the truth—I will state the truth.

The women’s march did not send a message to President Trump.

Trump did not elect himself to the presidency—the US People elected him to the office.

Therefore, the women’s march sent a message to the US People.

Often the leftist and other organizers of such perverted ideological events as the women’s march declare that it is the right who is possessed with the issue of abortion.  In fact, it is the leftists, and certain leftist agenda driven women’s political groups, who are absolutely obsessed and fanatical about the issue of abortion.

Let it be unmistakably stated that the cloaked phrases such as “reproductive rights” and “women’s right to choose,” to name a few, are veiled political statements declaring that they demand the right to have state sponsored—often state funded—abortions.

This was the central message the women’s march declared to the US People who voted for and elected Donald Trump as president of the United States.  All the other messages were ancillary, relegated to side notes and segues.

I find it hard to wrap my mind and heart around such a callous, self-serving, ego motivated agenda.

Our country is in debt $20, 000, 000, 000, 000, our economic foundation has been decimated for the past sixteen years—arguably for the past eighty plus years—families are losing their homes, many going hungry or on food stamps, and our culture is being destroyed and murdered daily due to our government refusing to secure our borders, deport illegal aliens, and penalizing US businesses who hire illegals, and this is what the women’s march is screaming for?


Moreover, if it was a women’s march, why wasn’t it welcome to women who are “Pro-life?”

I get it: it was a woman’s march only if those women were zombie minded zealots for abortions.  “Reproductive Rights” were only important if the women supported the abortion issue.

That’s an agenda of a tyrannical kind—the very thing they accuse President Trump of.

I was raised by women—a beloved Matriarch and six sisters, five of them older than me.

I was raised by an alpha male Patriarch—I am an alpha male, myself.

I was raised, and have lived to confirm the fact that women are extremely valuable, intelligent, and can accomplish great things.

I have adoration, admiration, and respect for my beloved Mother and Father.  They have earned it.

I don’t always have the same feelings for my sisters and brothers, yet, I respect them, and never underestimate or undervalue them.

I maintain the same format of respect and value for women and men outside of my family—if and when they deserve it.

The US Citizens elected Donald Trump our President.

If he is a good president, he will set out to accomplish the promises he made that led to his election.  He will do so with the blessings of those People who voted for and elected him.

If he is a great president, he will accomplish some or all of the campaign promises he made.

The US People who voted for and elected Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States deserve the respect of all agenda driven political groups.

It is their wishes President Trump is carrying out.

They are not President Trump’s wishes and agenda, they are ours—the US People’s wishes and agenda.

Therefore, the women’s march was not against President Trump.

The women’s march was against the US People, and our Republic.

That is the truth.



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