President Trump Is Not Ignoring Spanish Speakers—He Just Wants Them to Speak English

President Trump Is Not Ignoring Spanish Speakers—He Just Wants Them to Speak English

There exists a recent AP pseudo-journalistic piece by Jill Colvin and Luis Alonso Lugo, entitled “Trump’s White House all but ignoring Spanish speakers.”

Oh give me a fracking break.

I’m a Latino from Spain and Italy—a third generation US Citizen who has been fully and completely assimilated into the USA culture.

I don’t feel ignored by any stretch.

Neither do I believe that President Trump’s White House has written off the Latino vote, even it is a false allegation, based on a flawed premise.  To be accurately referenced a Latino, one must have originated from the region of central Italy known as Latium, wherein Roma was founded.  It is from this region, on the banks of the Tiber River, where the tribe of the Latins was born.

Nonetheless, President Trump will never give up on US Citizens, regardless of their ethnicity.  It would go against everything he campaigned on.

All the Trump White House is saying is what he said on the campaign trail: “We have a country, where, to assimilate, you have to speak English.”

I totally agree, and have lived this way my whole life.

From an early age, I was compelled by my Father (who happened to be a JFK liberal) to speak English, and live and breathe like a USA Citizen.

I can speak Spanish—and I do.  Fluently.

However, the White House is correct.

We are a country founded by White Protestants, and English is the language that must be demanded in our USA culture.

Assimilation is the duty of every US Citizen.

Assimilation does not mean that I sacrifice my heritage, it means that I prioritize our USA culture.

I am a third-generation US Citizen of Latin ancestry.

I am Octavius—I am Publius—I am the voice of the legal immigrant—and I kiss the ground of our Country every single day.

Immigration without assimilation is invasion.

—Bobby Jindal

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