Presidential Bombshell—A Carefully Orchestrated Strategy

Presidential Bombshell—A Carefully Orchestrated Strategy

A Bombshell book?

On the one hand, tabloid gossip Wolff says that Trump didn’t even want to be president.

Wait for it…

Then, on the other hand, he claims that Candidate Trump was so desperate (his filth word) to be president that he colluded with the Russians.

The leftist trash will never get how smart our President is, so I think it’s time for some of us to start explaining it to them.

Trump made the bombshell for the filth book by sending “cease and desist” lawyers’ letters to the publisher.  All the while—he so wanted the filth Wolff book to explode onto the scene, as it now has.

It was another perfectly constructed maneuver by the president to continue his fight against a duplicitous media that bases its every move on its hatred for our president, our culture, even our Country.

President Trump knew the publisher, and the filth media, would take the bait and market the hell out of the poorly executed expose book.

President Trump has always known that publicity is the perfect storm in which he can best operate.  It is the reason for his, often controversial, tweet storms.

It’s his style.

Now that the book is released, he will attack and destroy the entire credibility of the author and the lies he wrote in his book, gain exposure to highlight the investigation into the Clinton “pay for play” scandal, that Attorney General Sessions announced will be taking place, and allow him the full spotlight to—once and for all—destroy the filth leftist faction’s phony claim that he colluded with the Russians and reveal that it was the leftist faction, all along, who was the colluder.

Hell, it was the DNC—completely controlled by the leftist faction—who admitted to an entire “rigged” election and threw Bernie Sanders under the train.  This was from the horse’s own mouth—former DNC Chairperson Donna Brazile.

In the end, the publisher and the author will make their dirty cash, at the expense of our country, but President Trump will have the full platform of presidency to launch his own “living” book and prove his claims, investigate and charge the Clinton Foundation, and destroy the credibility of a tabloid author who believes he is more than he is, and a greedy publisher who will print anything, as long as they have the ink.

Let the games begin.–abc-news-topstories.html

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