Presumptuous—A Response to Gus Kenworthy’s Public Outburst Against Our President

Presumptuous—A Response to Gus Kenworthy’s Public Outburst Against Our President

In recent exchanges over the internet, skier Gus Kenworthy has been extremely vocal on his critique of our President and Vice-president.

Here is my response.

I think it is incredibly presumptuous and self-inflated to believe that anyone gives a damn about your sexuality and orientation in the grand scheme of things.

I certainly don’t.

What I take issue with is how many in the LGBTQ society—including you—think otherwise and flash their private areas with such abandonment.

I’m heterosexual—I’m comfortable with my status.  I don’t feel the need to shove my sexuality into people’s faces like a badly prepared omelet, or a diffident, immature pubescent.

Every damn time I see the disgusting, over promoted, overproduced gay parades, I am sickened by the lack of restraint or common decency exhibited by your society.

We’re all different.  Thank God for that.

That doesn’t mean we need to flaunt our differences at every damn turn.

Overall, I—and most people, I bet—judge a person less on their sexual preferences, and more on the overall respect and treatment they provide others.

Speaking of which, the manner you have addressed our President, and our Vice-president, in recent days is far from the same respect you and the LGBTQ society demand for yourselves.  You have not only voiced your personal grievances against our President and Vice-president on a public forum, without providing them the common respect to address them directly, but you’ve done so at a global event—the Olympics.

Is this respectful to you?  Do you believe the Olympics is the best venue to denounce our President and proclaim your intention to bypass a White House ceremony after the games?

Does this not remind you of the behaviors you speak out against, that are allegedly perpetrated against LGBTQ persons?

Ultimately, because of your lack of respect for our President—and for the millions of US Voters who elected him into office—your behavior, not your sexual orientation or preferences, have defined you as a person, in my eyes.

It appears you have a slanted view of the entire world—you, and the rest of civilization.  And only your feelings, preferences, and way of life are relevant.  The rest of us must be careful with how we say anything, or we will be mercilessly classified, marginalize, even dehumanized, by being referred to as bigoted, or prejudice and intolerant.

It’s an old, sad mantra that I have heard spread by many, including members within your society.

You see, in the end, it’s not who we sleep with that offers civilization its best vision of who we are as a person.  Rather, it is what we say and do that exposes our soul and expresses and reveals our persona.

I am a believer of Liberty.

This means I don’t want anyone to interfere with me on how I live, nor how I express my existence.

For this reason—if no other—I do not want your freedom to be infringed upon.

You are not like me, or President Trump.

And we are not like you.

Why can’t we leave it at that, and then work to find common ground in a mature, respectful manner?

By ignoring each other, we display to the world the worst part of our humanity, as well as losing the opportunity to perhaps work through our differences and provide a better way for our posterity.

I wish you well in the Olympics.  I don’t know you, or care about who you choose to sleep with, but you represent our Country in one of the largest sports settings in the world.  For that reason—and that reason alone—I hope you win as many medals as humanly possible.

I hope this is your main ambition at the Olympic games.

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