Pseudo-Journalism, Cultural Abhorrence, and Football Privilege

Pseudo-Journalism, Cultural Abhorrence, and Football Privilege

Frank Schwab—a yahoo sports hack—penned another slant piece about the Kaepernick quagmire, wherein a sports athlete has precipitately weighed in on an age old racial/cultural organic hostility.

Schwab is another fine example of a “talentless” aspirant who can’t deliver a quality piece of literature, so he spills ink on yahoo’s leftist cesspool site.

His garbage article represents the workings of a convoluted mind, unable to reconcile the worth and value of his role in society as a mediocre sports commentator and the reality of his warped, twisted, unqualified, ignorant view of US political science and the tragic consequences realized by an ethnic group unable or unwilling to mold and shape its destiny within an anthropological culture it was once repressed by.

To further worsen this issue, the leftist media—desperate to create racial friction so as to push forward an ideological agenda—has inflamed the explosive cultural barrel at every turn.

It is an impossible consciousness for an individual today to capture and grasp the fullness of a cultural event that occurred over one hundred, fifty years ago.  Clearly, Kaepernick cannot possibly understand what he is protesting; he was never a slave, nor, from what can be observed, has he ever been oppressed.


He is a successful athlete who has reaped much reward—monetarily and otherwise—in his career.

He supports the BLM movement and is sympathetic to their agenda.  However, the BLM movement also does not have the conscious development to fully grasp their objections.

The United States abolished institutional slavery in 1865.

In that subsequent time, many have desired to perpetuate the cultural wrongs that once existed.

That is what is occurring today in our United States culture.

It is a cancer that will devour its host.

For yahoo, Schwab, or any media entity fan the flames of racial abhorrence, even assist racist groups like BLM in their quest to propagate the racial loathing within our culture by a specific ethnic group, is pseudo journalism and tabloid malpractice of the highest order.

The USA is not a perfect country—no country is—however our country is a great place to live.

But this country has done much to improve the lives of many.


It is the shining light that compels millions of people across the world to make the arduous journey to reach its comfort.

Although it is a crime to do so, illegal aliens continue to pour across our borders, willing to chance even death to reach the cultural zenith that is the United States.

If there are those who refuse to respect our cultural, or have animosity toward our country, they should leave quietly.  No one is holding them hostage.

This will leave vacancy for others to arrive at our shores of Liberty, people who wish to live within its comfort and acquire its blessings.


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