Quantum Wave Function—The Odyssey of the Fisherman Dreamer

Quantum Wave Function—The Odyssey of the Fisherman Dreamer


The fisherman is an unearthly dreamer.  Hoping on a prayer to find the misplaced, He is relentless in recovering the lost.

Beneath the clear blue sky, searching the watercourse for the secret hiding places of the soul, a masterwork of cunning and ingenuity triggers the weight of the line to skip across the watery surface.  With captivating substance, the Fisherman’s cast of faith opens portals into the heavenly wealth, energizing the rudiments of the universe to come together, willingly, to feed the hungry spirit.  Fusing brilliance and vision, the Fisherman’s force and might commands the earth’s nourishment to materialize onto His hook.

Caught between a wish and plea, it is only by faith that the line and hook compel such a handsome reward.

Faith is a hard thing to fathom.

It is written that only a small amount of faith can remove a mountain and cast it into the sea.  Science has not fully investigated such an incredible declaration, struggling with the knowledge that it takes earthquakes eons to form the elevations and highlands. To comprehend the subtraction of a mountain with such a small amount of substance does not seem possible.  Most of the mountain ranges came to be through orogenesis, the major thrusting and folding of the earth’s crust, including major seismic events.  After the violence of an earthquake—an occurrence that unleashes the force of the earth’s entire core—the mountains are barely moved.

The release of nuclear ferocity, through the reactions of subatomic elements, is new to our science.  Yet, the splitting or fusing of atomic nuclei does not release the energy essential to the Fisherman.

By faith, the Fisherman casts a line across the wave function, connecting with invisible workings and unlimited power sources.  In the line and hook, enormous energy is unleashed across the water, and in the wake of faith’s potency and sovereignty, even the wave function is compelled to obey its explicit demand.  It is through faith that the Fisherman shakes the wave function at the core of its quantum system and, with the inspiration of His degrees of freedom, choses to produce the reality of the fish.

The transcendent Fisherman seeks from the water, what the transcendent Carpenter seeks from the tree and the wood, and what the transcendent Gardener seeks from the soil and the seed—the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen.

Science has wrestled with the likelihood of pain and suffering within the fish’s brain. Assuredly, the fish is part of the consciousness of the universe.  However, caught on a hook and wriggling, the fish is impervious to pain.  Not because it doesn’t have a highly developed neocortex, or enough nociceptors to record the pain, but because it has entered this realm via the wave function and materialized on the hook by choice.

Within the wave function’s degrees of freedom, there is the choice between sustenance or starvation, between life or death.  Reaching the pinnacle of transcendence, the emotions of immensity within the Fisherman spark a life of more abundance.  Harnessing the faith of the Conscious Observer—a conception science is reluctant to accept because of its finite characterization—the Fisherman creates the power and nourishment to feed the whole world.


Edited by: Crystal Durnan  https://www.animaediting.com

Photos: Frank Busch, Aditya Siva, Nguyen Linh, Casey Lee, Milo McDowell


Author of: https://baltazarbolado.com/book/publius-liberatas-aut-mors/


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