Regarding my earlier blog post: Impeachment Diversion—Biden’s Billion Dollar Quid Pro Quo and Clinton’s Ukrainian Operatives, a comment was made regarding the timeline of the events.

The investigation into Burisma focused on the time period of 2010-2012, two years BEFORE Hunter Biden joined the firm.

My response to the commenter is below.

You’re completely correct. We’re in total agreement as to the timeline.

My investigation would center on Vice President Biden’s conversation with the Ukrainian Officials and what was all discussed.

My investigation would progress with the Vice President’s conversation with the Burisma Executives and what was offered in exchange for Biden getting rid of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin’s investigation into Burisma’s corrupt operations.

Waiting two years for the smoke to clear and the trail to go cold is common practice for a corrupt politician like Biden to wait for a favor to be repaid.

I don’t think Hunter minded the wait and the back pay.

To add more to the above rebuttal: How can Hunter Biden’s high paying job with the EXACT same company Biden protected be regarded as a coincidence?

Shady dealings and corruption in Ukraine are as common as posteriors, and smell far worse.

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