Red Specter—The Threat of the Leftist/Socialist/Democrats in the USA

Red Specter—The Threat of the Leftist/Socialist/Democrats in the USA

Red Menace

The propaganda coming from the leftist media relies on the argument that conservatives are raising a false alarm when it comes to socialism, and its rise in our modern politics.

It’s not a scare tactic.  Those days are long gone.

A specter is haunting the USA, as it did Europe, at the turn of the 20thCentury.

The specter is real, and if left uncontested, will infest the minds of the gullible and naïve, and thrust us into a series of cataclysmic events that will certainly lead us into paths of economic upheaval and ruin, and ultimately revolution.

As before, the socialists are openly proclaiming their view, their aims, and their tendencies.

The history of class struggle endures into our present age, and socialism has taken root in the ethos of our academic leadership, and pervaded the culture of academia, throughout our Republic.  By allowing this event to occur, the basics of revolution, against the very liberty that founded our country, have been established in the minds and hearts of the youth.

To think socialism, full blown communism, cannot take root in the USA is to be oblivious to the workings of the human mind.

Socialism works because it offers the vision of an idealistic nirvana that sounds great, but is unsustainable and impracticable. Never to be one so simple as to be bothered by the details, the socialist will paint you a utopian hallucination that is certain to bring tears to your eyes, all the while reaching for your pocketbook with a strong arm.

Should you be strong enough to overcome the attempt of its initial thuggery, socialism will proceed to its ultimate methods of operation—violence.  Without hesitation, socialism is always willing to abandon all dialogue and attempts at reason, thereafter load its weapons and fight against all who oppose its immoral aims and criminal objections.

The main conduits necessary to orchestrate a full socialist takeover of our government are already in place, starting with the youth.

By capturing the youth, Mao Zedong overthrew China’s Beiyang Government within a few decades.

Stalin did similar in Russia.

Class Struggle

Marx boastfully claimed that all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles.  Take a listen at the words and views of the newly elected officials in DC, and you will hear the echoes of many US college students.  More frightening, you will hear the echoes of Zedong’s, Stalin’s, and Hitler’s socialistic views and speeches.  And more frightening still, you will hear the echoes of screams of the billions of victims socialism has trodden over since Marx and Engels hurled forth their manifesto of death and published their mendacious pamphlet across the eyes, ears, and minds of the masses in 1848.

Make no mistake, the socialists have taken root in our country.

Moreover, be not deceived.  Socialism is not after dialogue, nor does it have the stomach for ideological debate.  It cannot win in a debate form, or persuade through intellectual means, for its sociopolitical basis is erroneous, and its financial spreadsheet never adds up.

Even the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, needed to distance herself from the recent Green New Deal legislation.  The way she combated it was with old-fashioned reasoning: It can’t be financially supported. The spreadsheet doesn’t add up.

Logic, math, reason—these are all irrelevant to the socialist.  Only the destruction of free culture, and the overthrow of appropriate civilization, satisfies the appetite for power of the socialist.

Under the right leadership, with the proper spark, our Republic could be overthrown.

Only if we are able and willing to fight a war to defend our Liberty can our Republic survive.

Our destiny is before us.  We must answer its call.

Or we will die in chains, under a flag of socialist totalitarianism.


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