Renee is a proper Spanish (Latin) name.

The name derives from the word “Renaissance” which means rebirth.

To be “born again.”

Renatus and Renata are appropriate forms of the name.

Renee, after many battles, is born again.

In every area, piece by piece, Renee is a new creature.

Compared to the way she was five years ago, it’s the difference between night and day.

I once told her psychiatrist: “In the end, we’re all crazy.  It’s hard not to be when you live in the hectic modern world we’ve created.”

I normally get a laugh when I’m so direct.

Because of her mental illness, I pay particular notice to people and circumstances around Renee.

Aside from family, friends can play a vital role in Renee’s mental outlook.

There’s Kendra, who lives close by and for many years has been her closest friend.

Kendra is honest, and genuinely cares and loves Renee.

Renee loves her too.

Kendra will regularly use Renee as encouragement against her domineering mother.  Kendra’s life at home sucks and she will frequently call Renee crying about some bad incident that’s happening.

Then there’s Claudia, whose personality is poisonous in many ways.  She’s nearly always disheartened when she calls and I’m often concerned that it does injury to Renee, but I don’t get involved.

Finally, there’s Ruby.  Ruby’s a woman with little concern for which man she wakes up next to in the morning.  She gets around.

Renee helps her out, mostly by being a sounding board.  Listening to Ruby’s latest and greatest sexual experience, or listening to the latest drama that’s occurred in her life, Renee will offer comment when appropriate.

Renee’s like that—forever eager to help someone in need.

I try not to be overprotective, but it’s hard not to be.

Renee’s lost more than 50 pounds in the past few years.  She’s worked hard to control her diet, maintain her exercise schedule, and improve her mental equilibrium.

It’s a daily battle that Renee wages to control her mental balance.

But then again, she’s fought countless battles through the years to get to her “Renaissance.”

Renee’s born again.

And I love her because of it.

Author of Publius: Libertas Aut Mors & Sword and the Pythia

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