Restarting the Economy—To Be or Not to Be

Restarting the Economy—To Be or Not to Be

There are some questioning President Trump’s desire to reopen the country and restart the economy by April.

Many foresee a dark health risk if the country is opened too soon, forgetting that a created depression is a reality unless we don’t open our country soon.

The ultimate objective of the pandemic war being launched was the destruction of the United States economy.

The enemies of our Republic have witnessed the greatness of our economy the past two hundred fifty years.  And, after seeing a great decline, the recent mighty surge of our US economy has brought fear to the hearts of many of our enemies.

Let us reflect on the dangers of not opening our country back up sooner, rather than later, by examining the consequences.

What is the better proposition: To die of sickness, or to die of poverty?

It’s not a simple question of making a buck or illness, it’s a fundamental question of life.

We work not for work, but work so we may live a better life, and pass on a better life to our posterity.

We are living free people, and the greatest capitalist power on earth.

If we keep our businesses closed and our people shuttered, we will suffer a  fate far worse than a depression.

We will suffer a horrible slide into scarceness and deficiency, and an eventual slow, agonizing death.


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