Revolution—A Road Paved with Rebellion

Revolution—A Road Paved with Rebellion

President Trump’s election accomplished nothing in DC.

Elections never do.

If things were that easy than our Republic would never have been formed in 1776.

The spirit of Liberty is not easily held, especially when prosperity and excess take hold.  Greed is an overwhelming tonic for the tyrant, or in our case, tyrants.

The tyrants in DC’s political establishment—both republican and democrat—are the enemies of the state.  They have betrayed our trust  too many times in our past, and will go on betraying us.

For as long as we allow it.

President Trump isn’t the savior of our Republic, nor is any other politician in DC, past or present.

The Republic of the United States is based on the simple idea that took hold in the minds of the humble, unassuming farmers who tilled the unrestrained land by the River Tiber.  Thus, if our Republic is modeled after the Roman Republic in antiquity, then we must look to it to guide us now in our time of need.

The energy and triumph of Liberty does not reside within the finite depth of one single person.  It inhabits the minds and hearts of those who dare to believe in the idea that they are free.

President Trump is important to our cause to take up the standard of Liberty, but he is a simple vessel.  The idea of Liberty cannot be made so small as to be contained inside a single container.

We—the US Citizens who still risk achievement and capital in our quest to be free—are the spirit of Liberty.  Ours are the shoulders who can bear the brunt of the evil that confronts our country today.

Our visions, our thoughts, our ideas are possessed with the strength to defeat the monstrous immorality that has overtaken our Republic.

The arena of ideas is the where Liberty is grounded.  Yet, at the heart of Liberty, a danger resides. Unlike other ideologies, Liberty welcomes the unrestricted exchange of other ideas contrary to its own.  This gives rise to enemies of Liberty tolerated to disseminate information (false or otherwise), which can advertise foreign ideas and philosophies contrary to Liberty, and that can be malignant to the culture of our Republic.

This is all fine and good, but it is not what we are faced with today.

Because of improper vetting, coupled with the failure to mandate proper immigrant assimilation, many foreign ideas and practices are allowed to take precedence over the USA culture our Republic was founded upon. This leads to extreme dangers wherein there arise “false prophets” and “indoctrination groups” whose primary focus is to undermine the very precepts of Liberty our Founders originally intended.

Look around and observe the relics of long ago reminding us how Liberty is acquired and kept.  Liberty is/was to be preserved to attain a glorious demonstrative expression.

The expression of happiness.

If you are happy, and have attained your happiness lawfully through your hard work, this message is not for you.  I wish you Godspeed.

However, I, for one, am not happy.  For I see a heavy sinister yoke of oppression upon the shoulders of my fellow citizens.  It is not the burden of private inequality, a social affliction that time and generations can endeavor to correct.  No, the burden I witness is far more sinister and cruel.

The career politician, who seeks to milk and bleed the citizens in a warped, deviant grab for power and riches is a hideous aberration that hurts the very notion of egalitarianism and destroys the fabric of freedom.

We are left with only one choice if we are to move forward and survive as a nation.


President Thomas Jefferson said: “Every generation needs a new revolution.”

Let us found our revolution on the basis of Common Sense, that government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.

If Thomas Paine observed this in our country’s infancy, how can so many be blind to this fact now?

Each and every one of us is a conduit to Liberty’s soul.  All of us must be united in the idea of liberty, above all else.

I care not about your ideology—I care only about your love for our Republic.

Our country must come first.  The life of our Republic must be preserved.

And we—the citizens—are its saviors.

The road of Revolution is paved with rebellion.  It is its most vital exchange.

Only when we have liberated all citizens from the yoke and oppression of a corrupt government can we all be truly free, and happy.


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