In every sense, in every possible way, Rome influences me—defines me.

From how I was raised—the breadth and scope of my Mother and Father—to the wonder of first learning of my culture’s storied legacy, I have been captivated by an ancient dream that lives on within my spirit.

I am a Roman.

I announce this from a place in my heart that knows things I’ve never been taught.

What I mean to express by my statement is that I think, I speak, I live with the mindset, spawned from a never relinquished exaltation, a never forgotten code.

From my earliest years I learned the value and greatness of virtue, of honesty, of love. I discovered the power of loyalty and commitment.

I witnessed first-hand, how love can transform minds and hearts, and, even in the darkest days, can be more than enough to survive all of life’s many challenges.

I am a Roman because I exist as my ancestors did two-thousand years ago—with the sacred belief that nothing is more important, nothing is more sacred, than family and friends.

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