Sanctuary—Refuge of the False Immigrant

Sanctuary—Refuge of the False Immigrant

I’m the Great American Storyteller.

My identity as a writer of books is frequently overwhelmed by the events occurring across our country.

Right now, with the caravans of potential illegal aliens headed toward our southern border, with President Trump seemingly willing to use our military to stave off the hordes, I cannot maintain my silence.

I love our Country, yet I’m fearful it’ll not survive if we don’t regain control of our borders.

Often, my fear for my country drives me to blog.

I care about my books.

I desire to be known and respected for my ability to tell a story.

But I love my country more.

And if I believe it is in danger, I will stand to defend it, and accept the consequences.

An Immigrant

It’s been said we are all immigrants.

This is true. According to science, even the Native American Tribes immigrated here from Asia.

The Immigrant, huddling in the cold night, looking over the darkness toward the horizon of Liberty, is the greatest vision of our Republic.

Who is an immigrant? What defines an immigrant?

Definition of an Immigrant one that immigrates: such as

a : a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence

The immigrant needs a country to come to and take up permanent residence in to survive.

Accordingly, in order to be an immigrant—documented or undocumented, illegal or legal—there must exist a country first.

If there is no country to come or flee to, there is no immigrant.

In order for there to be a country to provide refuge, there must be borders.


Without a country, there can be no immigrant.

The immigrant is a byproduct of a country, or countries.

So it makes no sense to me when some people who say they support immigrants push for the removal of borders.

It is said that many immigrants come to our country to flee oppression and tyranny.

If an immigrant is to have a chance to survive, they must find sanctuary.

But if there are no borders, there is no country where sanctuary can be obtained.

The idea that borders are wrong, and that one is a racist to support clear identifiable boundaries between civilizations, flies in the face of logic, and is not an idea that supports and encourages immigration.

If a person supports the immigrant, then they, logically, must support borders and laws, or else they, in the long run, hurt the immigrant.


: to enter and usually become established;  especially : to come into a country of which one is not a native for permanent residence

There are instances of some immigrants coming and going, crossing the border illegally numerous times.

This is not the definition of an immigrant.

The genuine immigrant desires to become established in a country and take up permanent residence.

An immigrant is not one who reaps the benefits of a country, to then send the rewards gained back to a home country.

This is not an immigrant.

This is a parasite.

The true immigrant is one who comes legally into a country to become established and live a better life and make a healthier home for himself and his posterity.


In antiquity, borders were achieved by the sword.

Yet, there were times in Rome’s history when walls were built and permanent borders were created.

Hadrian’s Wall cut the English mainland virtually in half. While the wall, by itself, did not mean to defend the Roman border, it did provide the vehicle for Roman might and influence to control access and, to some degree, provide security.

Nonetheless, the wall was built.  Many historians believe it was built to reveal Roman might and power, more than defend a border.

Suffice to say, the message was well-defined and unmistakable.

Rome is here.

To possess the ability and technology to construct such a powerful representation of Roman ingenuity, skill, and might so far away from Rome gave an immigrant—or enemy—a moment of pause.

Moreover, the wall provided the same cultural impact as any of the dominant edifices that comprised a Roman village or city.

Roman life and refuge can be found here.

The Roman Republic provided shelter and security for those seeking a better way of life.

When Rome became an Empire, it still gave shelter and hope for humanity, although liberty was lost to the Citizens.

This forfeiture of freedom would eventually lead to Rome’s demise five-hundred years later.

As history tells us, Rome’s fall resulted in the Dark Ages.

The territorial expansion led by the Germanic prince Odovacar did not offer humanity hope, nor provided a way toward peace and prosperity.  In fact, new progression and cultural improvement became stagnant and died until the Renaissance occurred, hundreds of years later.

When before, all roads led to Rome, now chaos and destruction became the norm.

Confronted with such darkness, humanity lost much hope, and the immigrant lost a path to sanctuary and a chance for a better way of life.

In the modern world, the USA has been the new Rome.

Up until recent times, the USA was a dominant force for the progression of humanity, and a better way of life.

Now, because of our bloated, inflated debt—$21 trillion and counting—the United States is losing its base of power and beginning to weaken in influence, military power, and global prominence.

How can the immigrant and citizen be helped if the United States collapses under the weight of its government overspending and entitlement culture?

Therefore, as before, if one is in support of the immigrant, then one must logically support a strong and prominent country from which to offer humanity a refuge.

Our Republic is the light of the world.

It is a hope for humanity.

It is the sanctuary of the immigrant.

If the Republic of the United States falls under the weight of its afflictions and burdens, there will be no sanctuary for the immigrant to flee to.

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