Scandalabra—More Offensive, Perverted Scandals from the Clinton Political Machine

Scandalabra—More Offensive, Perverted Scandals from the Clinton Political Machine

More indignity oozing from out of the Clinton scandalous presidential campaign.

There is so much offensiveness coming out of the Clinton machine, it seems like a day isn’t complete without more unpleasantness seeping out that the US Voter has to shovel through.

The latest scandal—so many in recent days that they are difficult to catalogue and keep up with—is the disreputable manner in which Donna Brazile, the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, handled her journalistic duties when she was at CNN.

CNN released a statement that summed it up:

“CNN never gave Brazile access to any questions, prep material, attendee list, background information or meetings in advance of a town hall or debate. We are completely uncomfortable with what we have learned about her interactions with the Clinton campaign while she was a CNN contributor,” said a network spokesperson in a statement.


Sordid.  Twisted.

This Brazile creature is a typical Clinton connection.

So is Abedin.

So is Weiner.

Such perverts (political and sexual, or both) are the kind of riffraff Clinton likes to surround herself with.

Brazile’s devious behavior—getting access to debate questions and passing them to Clinton beforehand—is usual conduct and typical degenerate indecency by a Clinton machine that cares not who or what it crushes under its ugly train of destruction—as long as the political reward is satisfactory to their sleazy objectives.

Not only does she have questionable judgment, but the Clintons have had a propensity to crawl around in the waste and sewage of DC’s cesspool for 3 decades.

Enough is enough.

The Clintons are dirty—pure and simple.

Brazile’s behavior; Weiner sexting explicit images to a fifteen-year-old minor; Clinton lying to Congress and the FBI—this is the normal, everyday conduct of a depraved political sadist slinking through the ordure and waste of DC’s lowest stink hole.


This is the image of a lifer politician who has done the most wanton, corrupt things to remain in power, irrespective to the cost.

And the Republic of the United States of America has paid the high cost for such a revolting creature hanging on to power for over forty years, and now seeking the highest office of our land.

We need real change for once, or the Clinton sewage machine will finish the destruction of our USA culture that this illegal president has taken to a dreadful low.



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