Seeking Syria Clarity, US Set To Join Russia Military Talks

Seeking Syria Clarity, US Set To Join Russia Military Talks

The entry of Russia into Syria has not been hasty.

Russia’s been in Syria for decades.

Since 1946, when Syria gained full independence from France, Russia has held close relations with Syria.

Now more recent, the Russian Black Sea Fleet is located in the Syrian Port of Tartus. For Syria, Russia’s support has provided immense political and military support; in consistent fashion, Russian has voted in favor of Syria in the UN. Without this support, and the Russian global maneuverings, Syria would not have the breathing room to prepare for the wars that are certain to come.

For Russia, the gain is strategic. The location of Tartus Naval Base provides Russia complete vantage point of all Mediterranean amphibious military activity involving much of the Middle East, including full range of motion—land, air, and water—against any assault on Syria’s political heart.

While Russia’s activity in Syria is of deep concern to the US Administration, it clearly reveals the failed premise of this president’s Syrian solution, namely the air strikes undertaken against Daesh.

The US airstrikes against Daesh—as Russia’s land and air activity to combat Daesh—have one unified result: they help Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Only a calculated mastermind in global conquest, who comprehends the value of political alliance and underhand diplomacy, could carry out this irony. Orchestrating global politics, the king of the north (the Angelic Prince of Syria) has maneuvered the two major military powers in the modern world to protect him from the Daesh religious zealots who dared to attack him.

Now that Russia and the US have taken their prominent place in Christian eschatology, it will become increasingly difficult for them to extricate from the evil imbroglio that has ensnared them. In this way, the king of the north will not only become stronger, he will come into play of the most powerful arsenals he has ever possessed. This will include the nuclear weapon stocks of both world powers.

Although Daesh is a real threat in the region, concerning Bible Prophecy it becomes clear what the real purpose of their allowed conquest in Syria was. Through their apparent strength and menace, and the king of the north’s contrived weakness, the US and Russia have unlocked their enormous military power to one of the deadliest angelic warriors in the history of this world.

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