Self-Hate—People who hate the USA, Yet Reap its Blessings

Self-Hate—People who hate the USA, Yet Reap its Blessings

In the history of our Republic many have benefited from the United States of America.

Yet, I am sickened by those who voice pure hatred for our Republic, rather than also giving thanks for its abundant blessings.

I, for one, have never claimed our Republic is/was perfect—no culture, no country is, or has been, faultless.

Opinions do not bother me, neither does criticism and condemnation for wrongs committed—not alleged, but actually committed.

What does bother me is hypocrisy and pretense.


If a Citizen denounces our Republic, gives up their Citizenship and forfeits all benefits provided to them by the United States, then, I am far more willing to listen to such opinions and condemnations.

What I despise is these misinformed Citizens—many well to do, and reeking of the blessings provided to them by our Republic—who come forward and use their celebrity and fortune to self-hate and judge the United States, using distorted facts and inflated claims as to the illegitimacy of our country.

If their revulsion for our country is genuine, why are they still here?  There are other lands and countries they can live in.

No.  They stay here and take the blessing provided to them by the United States, a country created by brave—and better—people then they, and then attack it.


I’ve had my fill of these Hollywood types and leftist fanatics who live under the umbrella of the greatest country in the modern history of the world, harvest its treasures, and then puke hate and spreads lies about it.

Their hypocrisy and ignorance is twisted, sick, and perverted.

The Crow Creek Massacre, the Jamestown Massacre, the Paspahegh Massacre—these, and many others—were horrific acts against humanity and should be condemned.

But make no mistake: at the advent of white settlers landing on North America’s shores, there were no pure, rightful natives to be found in this land.

This was not the country, nor even the land, of those people who resided here when Jamestown and Plymouth Plantation were established.

The so-called natives who existed in North America when the Pilgrims landed here were not native to the land.

The erroneously classified “native” people who lived across the North American continent have been scientifically proven to have migrated here from Asia, even having a common DNA link to Siberian origins.

The people living here during their migration is unknown.

Moreover, it was a harsh world—as today’s modern world is—and massacres occurred.

In fact, The Crow Creek massacre occurred around 1325, long before white settlers from Spain or England arrived in North America.

As history progressed, in the modern age many massacres were executed by Mexicans as well.  And not all the massacres that occurred were against the American Indians, many were against white European Settlers.

Where is the rebuke and denunciation regarding massacres executed by others besides the United States?

I am a voice in support of the Republic of the United States of America.

For all the wrongs committed under the Flag of our country, far better has been done in its name.

This is proven by the innumerous examples of its benevolence, including the millions who have risked life and limb to gain USA citizenship, and the health and pecuniary advantage of its Citizen detractors.



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