She Can’t—The Fiscal Impotence of Socialism, and Why We Can’t Afford to Pay for Its Lies

She Can’t—The Fiscal Impotence of Socialism, and Why We Can’t Afford to Pay for Its Lies

This is contrived.  The socialist, Ocasio-Cortez, is trying to pattern her political maneuverings in the same style as Trump.

Stir up controversy—good or bad—all for the purpose of staying in the media stream.

I’m shocked someone finally got this Trump maneuver, even more shocked someone’s actually using it, however it’s taken them nearly 4 years to figure it out.

Equally, the socialist, Ocasio-Cortez, is further stirring the pot—another Trump ploy—by addressing the supposed self-inflicted wound.

This is where she needs to improve, or adjust her methods, because she’s not Trump.

What’s disturbing is that the GOP, in its customary, injudicious, clunky political warfare, is employing its operatives to insult her every chance they get.

This is the wrong method.  By hurling insults at her, she gains the exact media coverage she desires—to be the political immolation for a higher cause.

The best way to address her is as a political equal, not as a substandard lackey, who lucked into her congressional seat.

Ocasio-Cortez ran a low-budget campaign to be elected, reportedly being outspent by an 18-1 margin.  I say reportedly, because there’s some question as to her campaign spending.  Recently, a political ethics watchdog implicated her in a potential violation of federal campaign finance laws, the complaint brought before the Federal Election Commission.

Nonetheless, let’s observe her victory in an equal footing until otherwise proven.

If Cortez was outspent 18 to 1, by a veteran politician, and still came out comfortably on top, she needs to be classified, not only as an equal, but, perhaps, an exceptional political opponent.  The last thing you want to do is paint her out to be a perceived target, or prey, of political operators.  By following this strategy, you blur, even eliminate any legitimate contention you had against her, and allow her time and space to augment and/or enhance her original quote(s), most often in front of even more cameras, thus allowing her far more exposure than she had originally hoped for, without any additional cost.

The best way to challenge Cortez is to NOT attack her.  Instead, treat her as a political equal and comprehensively debate her on the issues.

Cortez is a socialist in a capitalist country.  It’s only by excepting that a massive change in demographics, as a result of illegal immigration, political corruption, and perverted education, has occurred, thereby leading to her election, that she can be effectively challenged.

By debating her on the issues, not attacking her intelligence, the segments of the demographic shift that elected her—both legal and illegal—can be better identified, allowing for direct communication to be had with the demographics that are against her.

It is in this political platform where she will have to prove her math, and provide evidence on how we’re supposed to pay for her socialistic programs.

At that point, the truth will become painfully obvious.

She can’t.

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