Slave Trading—The modern Scourge Upon Flesh and Blood

Slave Trading—The modern Scourge Upon Flesh and Blood

This is shocking—why?

For generations, countless black rulers have failed to assume the role of leader and helped their people achieve even a modicum of civilization.

The African rulers have never been forced to apologize for their part in the slave trade.

The African chieftains are equally to blame for the horrific path forced upon millions of people.

Yet, racist groups like BLM, and NAACP, claim to give two damns for the blacks, and demand that whites apologize and pay reparations for their long-ago sins, when it was their white ancestors who committed the atrocities.

Why aren’t these racists demanding that the blacks apologize and pay reparations for their unholy part in the slave and death of millions?

Up until the early 19th century, perhaps as many as 28 million Africans were sold into slavery.

More than a million died in transit.

The horrible stain in the history of humanity can never be cleaned.

Earthly justice is limited.

Let the Almighty render judgment.

Let His righteousness be visited upon all those who committed these sins.

But what of the slaves of today?

Is this the entrance into the 21st century humanity wishes to make?

Humans being sold, as if they are animals?

Slave merchants roving our existence, making profit by peddling flesh?

This is shameful.

The blame belongs to all of humanity.

Yet, as in all crimes against humanity and civilization, there are those who must accept a greater degree of blame.

In the investigations that must follow, let judgment be shared by all those who directly committed these sins.

Let the investigations be exhaustive and comprehensive, and the verdicts and punishments be unavoidable.

Civilization demands it.

Anything short of this outcome is an embarrassment and a charade.

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