Stand on a Wall—People’s Fund, Ladders for Illegals, and AP Lies

Stand on a Wall—People’s Fund, Ladders for Illegals, and AP Lies

Associated Press Yellow Journalism

I lump verizon/yahoo and the Associated Press into the same pile of leftist, biased, propaganda excrement, including the likes of CNN, illegally taxpayer funded NPR, and MSNBC, and now even some parts of FOX News.  I felt it fitting to address a recent post of AP yellow journalism posted on yahoo entitled “Where do the investigations related to Trump stand?”

While I’ve grown accustomed to AP’s slapstick flair for spilling ink on paper and scribbling lies, it still gnaws at me how nonchalant they are in spreading their mendacities.

The faux news article makes several erroneous claims, highlighted by two outright fabrications.

One, that Trump called Cohen a liar.

First of all, Trump didn’t say Cohen lied, Mueller’s own report not only stated Cohen lied, Cohen himself admitted to lying to Mueller’s team of legal hired guns.

Second, adding legal tasks to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

Mueller WAS SUPPOSED to be looking into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia.  Instead, the examination has exploded to include anything and everything about Trump’s life.

Never has a US sitting president been so investigated, and tried in the court of public opinion.

It’s a nauseating investigation that is dirty, illegal, and corrupt at its core.

Kolfage’s Wall Fund

Brian Kolfage, a triple amputee Air Force veteran, has the great American spirit to serve and love our Republic that never seems to tire.

Brian, a purple heart recipient, lost three limbs serving our country.  It hasn’t stopped him from standing for what is right and leading the way toward a better future.

In an impassioned declaration, Brian started a GoFundMe campaign, titled “We the People Will Fund the Wall” that’s collected nearly $16 million in a week.  The goal of the campaign is $1 billion.

“It’s time we uphold our laws, and get this wall BUILT! It’s up to Americans to help out and pitch in to get this project rolling,” Brian wrote on the page.

Great story, right?

Until, like a malignant yin to Brian’s yang, an opposite GoFundMe campaign was started to counter the “We the People” campaign, fittingly titled “Ladders to Get Over Trump’s Wall.”  While Brian’s campaign was designed to be of help to preserving our culture, the ladders campaign was intended to help illegal aliens and hurt US citizens.

I find it unconscionable that there are those in our country who would rather help foreigners attempting to illegally cross our border, instead of helping many of our citizens who are suffering, financially and otherwise.  Moreover, by helping the illegal aliens, those who contributed to the ladders campaign are, arguably, breaking the law.

While shutting down the government took strength of character from our president, it’s the citizens of our country who have contributed to the build the wall campaign who deserve the highest veneration.  Our tax money should always be allocated for the safety and well-being of our citizenry.

It wasn’t.

By donating to build the wall, essentially the donors are paying double tax.

Thanks to Brian, and the brave souls who gave above and beyond the expected, the message sent to the “do nothing” legislators in DC is clear: If you won’t use our tax money for the good of our country and build the wall—we will.

Photos:  Sharon McCutcheon and Samuel Zeller

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