Stonewall Betrayal—High Crimes, Dirty Cops, and Broken Promises

Stonewall Betrayal—High Crimes, Dirty Cops, and Broken Promises

In recent days, our Republic has witnessed and been subjected to more buffalo bull chips and meadow muffins from the political pit called DC than our mental soil can absorb, and our civic sensitivity can decompose.

The avalanche of lies, distortion, and outright manipulation of our so called public servants makes me want to puke.

From Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer warning us that our world will come crashing down, and the universe will spin out of control, if, God forbid, the government shutdown, to James Comey, and his merry band of leftist zealots trying to reinvent the English language to assuage his/ their guilt of wrong doing, our Republic has been inundated with the sordid travesties of lifer politicians and the false pretenses of dirty cops.

No, the sky won’t fall if the government is shutdown, and yes, Comey is a dirty cop.

Political codswallop isn’t new, sad to say.

In fact, it’s SOP politics stinking to high heaven, like the political sewage pits that congest and plug Chicago’s political sludge every election cycle.

We’ve heard it all before, and it amazes me how some people can enjoy smelling the stench of fossilized rhetoric, even smile as, over and over again, the same lifer representatives tell us the horror that will take place if the gargantuan governmental monster we call DC doesn’t stay open to waste and mismanage our taxes.

What they conveniently neglect to tell us, is that while all the calamity is occurring because of their absence, the one thing that is efficient in DC—perfect and flawless, actually—is the payment schedule for the legislators who are culpable for the shutdown in the first place.

It’s the same line and bull we’ve heard and seen, time and time again.

We lose, and they get paid, always get paid.

Now, in the twenty-first century, when much of civilization has improved and been enhanced, these pathetic lawmakers have the nerve to fill our ears and rot our minds with political defecation born of corruption and exploitation on the grandest scale.

Have we not matured enough as a constituency to rid ourselves of such maniacal public servants who dare to insult our intelligence by offering the same lies from failed office-bearers of yesteryear?

Are we so gullible as to sit still and take more abuses?

In 2016, I didn’t vote for Trump, I voted for the construction of a wall.  The revulsion I feel today, upon hearing that the president is open to considering the stop-gap funding bill the senate approved in an effort to avert government shutdown, is beyond the scale of comprehension.  I’m still moved by his “I’m proud to shutdown the government for border security, because the people of this country don’t want criminals and people that have lots of problems, and drugs pouring into our country” declaration.

I’m further stirred by his tweet “In our Country, so much money has been poured down the drain, for so many years, but when it comes to Border Security and the Military, the Democrats fight to the death.”

If he knows this, why then knowingly shake hands with the devil?

I’m not sure I want the answer to this question. But I dread answering another question even more.

A question our posterity will confront us with.

When you had the chance to protect us and save our culture, why didn’t you?

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