Suicidal?— United States Looks Weak In Syrian Conflict

Suicidal?— United States Looks Weak In Syrian Conflict

Russia Deploys Advanced Anti-Missile System To Syria For First Time, Us Officials Say


In a sad display, the United States has been reduced to a political and military position of weakness in the Syrian conflict.


After pleading with Russia to take control of a war it has no control over, and put an end to the King of the North’s savage brutality against any all opposition, it has become clear that the United States Administration does not have a clue what is happening in Syria, nor able to comprehend the war’s dynamics and organization.


It can be not only complicated for world leaders to grasp, it can be nearly impossible to accept.


The Angelic Prince of Syria has been at this spiritual struggle for thousands of years.  He’s not about to let go of power now.  Not when history stands on the brink of the tribulation.


The truth is: it is the Angelic Prince—not Russia—who controls the war in Syria.


Never was this demonstrated more clearly than on Russia’s warning to The United States on Saturday to not dare attack Syrian Government forces in Aleppo.


The country that existed as Syria in antiquity has been strained to the breaking point, mostly unrecognizable to the angelic prince.  For this reason, he must reshape it, mold it, recreate it into its once savage form.


Moreover, this is not simply a Syrian conflict.


Syria is only one head.


There are three others who reign over and rule the leopard beast.


The final King of the North will not assume the throne until all has been readied for his rule, and not one single second before.


As Russia and Turkey (another head of the leopard beast) move and position heavy armor in the direction of the hell that is eastern Aleppo, there is not an earthly force that can stand against and prevent the destruction that will take place to eradicate Daesh from the future kingdom that will be used by the forthcoming King of the North.


Eschatology does not follow incomplete human thinking.


The ultimate objective of this war is not for earthly gain.


While earthly conquest is a necessary step for the four heads of the leopard beast, their decisive conclusion does not reside on this planet.


This is a war to prepare for the great onslaught against the spiritual forces that stand against the four angelic princes who are the four heads of the leopard beast, so to prevent them from accomplishing their single objective.


First, worldly domination.


Lastly, Heavenly domination.


The first objective will be achieved.


The second is suicide.

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