Suppression and Expulsion—China’s Latest Attacks in the COVID-19 Pandemic War

Suppression and Expulsion—China’s Latest Attacks in the COVID-19 Pandemic War

So much for transparency.  China’s socialist government has no need for such frivolities.

Suppression, tyranny, expulsion, removal—these are the buzzwords of tyranny.  China’s socialist government is a master at such authoritarian undertakings.

When most country’s primary reaction would be to help people, and seek to prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19 strain, China’s response is the expulsion of 13 US journalists.

Since my blog Monday, there has been much resistance against my revelation that China’s Government ordered their military to premeditatedly release the virus into the air and water, via military labs.

The arguments have centered on the world economy and the world in general.  What would China’s Government gain to purposely release the COVID-19 strain if they too would be subjected to its deadly potential?  Wouldn’t the economic downturn also inflict casualty onto their economy?

The answer is clear, if looked at through open eyes and a rational mind—hard things to possess when confronted with the barbarity of war, especially in the face of a pandemic war.

The war unleashed upon our country will be catastrophic, as all wars are. The difference is that conventional wars open up multiple avenues for economic recovery.

This war does not, nor will not.

The ultimate objective of this horrific war is working to perfection.

The world economy was created after WW II. It was largely established by the United States.

After World War II, the US dollar became the world’s major reserve currency.

Through the decades after the modern world economy was created, China’s Government and other countries have been allowed, because of poor US leadership, to assume a more prominent position of economic power.

Some of those countries took advantage of the US’s kindness and savagely, openly perpetuated obvious trade warfare against the US, carrying huge trade deficits.

When President Trump assumed the presidency, he initiated a trade war against China’s Government and other countries, the objective being to balance the trade discrepancy, thereby helping US agribusiness and industry.

Due to the trade war between the US and China, China’s economic status has been severely impacted.

The COVID-19 strain has collapsed the world economy, including and especially the US economy, leveling its status, and giving China’s Government tremendous leverage, as well as a great advantage in global economic negotiations.

China has over a billion and a half population.  In the eyes of the Chinese Government, the deaths of thousands, even millions, is small cost to pay for gaining a powerful leverage in global economic negotiations.

Further proof is revealed in China’s actions after the coronavirus was discovered and known.

The despicable manner in which China fought to control all information escaping from their country regarding the virus, as well as their involvement in spreading misinformation as to the true nature of the illness, is telling.  Also, the way in which China suppressed medical and lab intensification to fight the virus, is a horrific response to such a global health crisis.

In fact, China did everything possible to ensure the spread of the virus, even using social media and instant media to disseminate false information.

The idea that the Government of China may have already manufactured an inoculation for the virus, reserving the injection for their most prominent officials, is quite possible.

The sooner the Government of China is held responsible for their negligence, manipulation, and involvement regarding the spread of COVID-19, the sooner we can move forward to safely develop a cure and prevent its dreadful spread.

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