The Dardanelles—Turkey’s Subtle Conquest of Territory, In the Name of Peace

The Dardanelles—Turkey’s Subtle Conquest of Territory, In the Name of Peace

Because of the level of incompetence by this US president, the four headed leopard beast has been able to move and consolidate his forthcoming empire with virtual impunity.

Turkey is one of the four heads of the leopard beast Daniel the Prophet saw in his night visions.  (Daniel Chapter 7)

Turkey’s part in Christian Eschatology is not well-defined until one studies a globe and evaluates its ancient role through the ages.

Unlike the King of the North and the King of the South, Turkey does not have a title within the prophetic developments, nevertheless, their geostrategic significance cannot be argued.

The Hellespont was site of the big horn’s grand entrance into Asia Minor in antiquity.  Accordingly—in the tribulation—the trail of the perdition of the little horn will duplicate the big horn’s trail of long ago.

In the Christian eschatological scenarios calculated in the Bible, Turkey is the x factor.  Much like their global effect in earthly physical history, Turkey’s impact in the spiritual realm of prophecy is multifaceted and extensive.

Using complex strategy—in the name of peace—Turkey has advanced into two sovereign countries and acquired significant amounts of territory.

The complexity of its advances can bewilder many and cause Turkey’s prominence to be misjudged.

This would be an error of immense magnitude.


Suffice to say, the King of the North will not be so foolish.

As in the big horn’s conquering rampage, the little horn’s path of dominant global subjugation will not allow Turkey to resist his advances for a significant length of time.

In the tribulation Turkey will fall quickly.

Turkey’s strategic importance leaves a conqueror of the 4 heads of the leopard beast, and the next King of Babylon, no strategic alternative but to seize the territory.  Bordering 8 countries, Turkey’s strategic placement is evident in every single contemporary military excursion made into the Middle East and Asia.  Syria and Iraq sit on its southern border; Iran, Armenia, and the Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhchivan extend to the east; a vitally important Georgia, giving a conqueror access to Russia, as the prophecies forecast, draws out to the northeast; Bulgaria pushes out to the northwest; and, of course, the most important and dangerous region, Greece, outspreads to the west.

Turkey’s strategic advantages increase when viewing its water access—the Black Sea is directly to the north, the Mediterranean Sea is directly to the south, and the Aegean Sea opens up to the west.

It is the Dardanelles, the Sea of Marmara, and the Bosphorus, establishing the Turkish Straits, which define the boundary between Thrace and Anatolia.  Even more, they divide Europe and Asia.

Consider the innumerous times the United States has requested Turkey’s permission to use their land or airspace while on mission and comprehension of the enormous strategic value Turkey has on the region becomes clear.

In fact, it is Turkey’s strategic placement, much like the king of the south’s strategic location, which draws an aggressor toward its borders.  Unfortunately, for Turkey, they do not have the space the King of the South has to mount a defense against the King of the North.  This leaves them at an enormous disadvantage when invaded.

In the tribulation, when the little horn’s fierceness crosses into the Dardanelles and subsequently enters into the Anatolia peninsula, it will be too late for anyone on earth to do anything about it.

At that moment, the little horn will be invincible.

Only the Almighty will be able to stop him.


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