The Deplorables

The Deplorables

Clinton claims that she has the judgment to be president—and Trump doesn’t.

She claims that Trump calls people names—and she doesn’t.

She claims Trump elevates himself over people by insulting them—and that she is above such puerility.

She claims that she is the candidate who is “inclusive,” “kindhearted,” and wants to help “ALL” US Citizens.

Immediately after her contemptuous “deplorables” remark, affronting millions of hardworking US Voters who do not deserve such a loathing from a person seeking to be their president, the leftist propaganda media rushed to her defense.  The leftist media, in their rush to defend their preferred presidential candidate, did not bother to defend the US Citizens who were insulted, simply because they exercised their Constitutional right to vote for the candidate they believe is the best person for the job of president.

No—the US Citizens who were insulted are of no concern to the leftist media, as they are of no concern to Clinton.

To shield their favored presidential candidate was the only thing that matters to them.

US People be damned.

With wholehearted passion, the leftist media asserted that her slur against the US Citizens is different than Romney’s pejorative “47%” derision of US Citizens in 2012.

Let me point out to the leftist media distorters, her smear against US Citizens is not defensible.

The reason is because it goes against all of her campaign, which has accused Trump for doing exactly as she did Friday.

Just because the US Citizens she vilified are not a segment of the US Populous that she is targeting demographically doesn’t allow for her defense.

Her statement is acrimonious and hostile against US Citizens and does nothing to unite the country, as her slogan claims.

For the past year the leftist media and the Clinton campaign have accused and condemned Trump for the very thing she did on Friday.

Regardless who she slandered, I will now make the case the leftist media and Clinton made against Trump.

Is this the kind of President we want in the White House?

Is this inclusivity?

Is this uniting the country?

Is this presidential?

Someone who disparages people (US Citizens) and tears down entire segments of the country, for her benefit, is not fit to be president of the United States.

All the while, Clinton and the leftist media fully supported the pro athletes who refuse to stand and pay respects to the United States Flag during the national anthem.  An affront to the US Soldiers who have fought and died to defend it.

It appears Clinton and the leftist media have no problem with certain segments of the US Population getting attacked and smeared—as long as it’s not the sections of the US Population their agendas serve.

But if you’re a God-fearing Christian who loves your country and fights to protect its Constitution and maintain its conservative roots, if you’re a US Citizen who believes our country is going in the wrong direction and are willing to take a stand to defend it against this corrupt government—then you’re a deplorable and to hell with you.

Author of Publius: Libertas Aut Mors & Sword and the Pythia

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