The FAUCI-OUCHIE, Delta Variant, and Gain of Function—Trust Science Versus Blind Science

The FAUCI-OUCHIE, Delta Variant, and Gain of Function—Trust Science Versus Blind Science

Shot Or Else

The hoopla and commotion coming from the vaccine mentality running rampant in Fauci’s yearlong about face has come to a major exhibition in both partisan circles and in the DC political arena. As if we didn’t have enough of a divide within our country, the mask, derogatorily referred to as the face diaper, has become the latest cause of war.

Thrown into the mix, in a surprising twist, Doctor Fauci has thrived in the DC spotlight like a seasoned politician.

As more and more pressure is put on the citizenry to getting the shot(s) the background noise of mandates is starting to spill over into the foreground.

“Get the shot or lose your job.”

Fear is always the thing to fear the most. It is the root and cause of the erosion of our freedoms. Our Republic was not founded on fear.

The argument is all too familiar. “This shot is the silver bullet. Trust us. Trust science.”

Trust Science

I hear that a lot. Yet, it mostly comes from people who have not a clue what the application of science is, or where it’s taken us in the past.

So what exactly is science?

In the beginning and the end, Science is questioning and asking.

Essentially, ultimately, the questioning, probing, and fierce inquiry of the human mind is science.

Thus, the stronger the questioning the better the science.

To be blunt, true science is to not trust science.

Trusting science doesn’t mean blinding taking a shot, or enforcing inoculations.

The very idea of a vaccine demonstrates the complete ignorance of COVID in the science community.

A vaccine is not a cure.

A vaccine does not guarantee immunity.

In certain cases, it increases the chances of the disease, or makes the body more susceptible to other diseases.

True science is to move forward carefully, and in doubt, regardless of what seems evident, or what science seems to be saying.

I will list but a few instances of blind science, or deadly science.

1. Declaring antibotics the end all

Promiscuous use of antibiotics has caused many to become inert, or not work, altogether.

2. The Cutter incident

In 1955, the government announced the polio vaccine for children. More than forty thousand kids got polio because of poor managed, ill prepared vaccines.

3. Mutation

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 has mutated 7,000 times. That’s a small number as viruses go. This is why we don’t have a cure for the common cold, influenza, or COVID-19. To make blind claims of the effectiveness of the series of vaccines that are being administered is unsafe.

I trust science. That’s why I question, investigate, and challenge the validity of any and all claims, scientifically based or otherwise.

I will continue to do so.

Doctor Fauci or Mister Hyde?

As early as January 2020, Fauci was on record telling Newsmax that the coronavirus was not a “major threat” to the United States. His about face just a few months later led me to ask the question of Mister Hyde.

Fauci has not only been wrong, but has been caught on record making some highly suspect assertions.

However, for him to deny his involvement, and the US Government’s involvement, in the research conducted by the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, where the virus originated as the result of an alleged lab experiment gone wrong, is direct falsehood—a lie.

Lying is not the main focus.

610,000 US deaths is.


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