The Legal US Citizen

The Legal US Citizen

Being a legal US Citizen is a state of mind, it is not in documents.

If a person loves Liberty and loves our culture—a country founded on the principals of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness—then, for all intents and purposes, they are a Legal US Citizen.

Of course, a legal US Citizen is law-abiding and believes that through law and order, we can establish such magnificent places as the land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. As a consequence, they would never cross a border illegally, or break any law to become a US Citizen, but would resort to the avenues of Justice to attain the citizenship that all people should yearn for.

I am persuaded that, beyond all else, each and every soul who has prayed to God to feel the wind of Freedom on their face, and has ridden upon the turbulent sea of Liberty, has universal right to stand as one with all of the Freedom lovers who have lived and died under the Flag of Independence.

This is the beginning of Liberty. From there, the legal US Citizen has continuous obligations and duties that cannot be neglected. The most important being to seek out education and remain informed on the principles of Liberty.

Remaining informed is a never-ending process and is vital to the health and strength of our country. Therefore, of equal importance are the sources the Citizen utilizes to acquire the information on which to formulate opinion and base judgment.

In this day and age of mass information, it is vital that the Legal US Citizens study and research to attain the benefits of Liberty. We must strive against the mealy-mouthed double talker who seeks to distort and fabricate a political platform. A political platform is simply a podium full of lies, designed to mask and hide the elemental truth that leads to true Liberty. Through the use of flowery eloquence to fabricate the mere semblance of Liberty, the mealy-mouthed politician seeks to pacify the masses as a whole, in the hopes of political gain.
Therefore, We—the Legal US Citizens—must look to ourselves, not to the politician, to lead our Country and advocate for the principles of Liberty. With certainty, such actions will lead to conflict and cause turbulence. But in the end, the avocation of promoting Liberty will do more to provide for the Common Defense and Ensure Domestic Tranquility than the strength of a standing army.

If we are to survive in a Country founded by the self-evidenced Truths that all are created equal and endowed by the Creator with the unalienable right of Liberty, then it is our duty to elect leaders who will speak the Truth and who seek to serve us and advance our country.
This requires hard work on the part of the Legal US Citizen.

Liberty is not free—it demands the cost of our highest passion and the price of our energy and industry to cultivate its fruits.

This means that it is the Citizen, not the political candidate, who’s responsible for the inspiration and hope of a generation. This means that it is the Citizen, not the office-bearer, who’s responsible for the state of our union. It is the Citizen, not the representative, who is the true leader of our country. It is the Citizen, not the legislator, who must structure the course of our future.

We—the legal Citizens of the United States—must rely on each other to protect and defend the Constitution.

To relinquish such sacred duties is to renounce our most hallowed obligation.

We must take great care against the sinister internal forces that have overtaken our country under the pretext of the sacred impressions of freedom. Indeed, these false pretenses, hidden within the evil rhetoric of the career politician, is a most pernicious enemy, and the greatest danger to our Liberty.

Political correctness is the death of Liberty, and conformity is the enemy of freedom. With information streaming every hour of the day across our computers and TVs it can be difficult to decipher where the attacks are occurring against our mind of reason. It can be nearly impossible to arrive at the truth and make an informed decision on our elected officials, and hold our government accountable for its actions.

But this is exactly what the Legal US Citizen must do.

I declare that it is not impossible to find the truth and hold our government accountable. The key is in the sources we utilize to determine the truth.

The Legal US Citizen must look through the eyes of our Founders as they cipher through the mass media all around us.

We—the Legal US Citizens—must read every article, view every piece of political TV news, and judge every single local, state and federal politician who seeks to garnish our vote under the intense light of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. If the words of the articles, if the images of the political TV newscasts, if the platform of the politician before us align with the great words within the sacred documents which founded our Liberty, than they speak the truth.

In Publius: Libertas Aut Mors, I created characters who resist the social evils of political correctness and mass conformity.

Waging war against the government’s wiles of misrepresentation, resisting the desperate fear to trade their Liberty for the illusion of security, the heroes of the book—from Isham Randolph to Thomas Jackson, to Eleanor Rose Cummins, to Richard Haler—stand against a government who has overstepped its bounds and must be stopped.

A titanic struggle ensues, the incredible events flashing across Virginia in patriotic images of ordinary citizens who dare to defy an oppressive government despite the consequences and pain inflicted upon them.

As the great Patriots who gave birth to our country, the patriots and heroes of the book pledge their lives, their families and their possessions to each other… for the sake of Liberty.

If our country of Liberty is to survive, We—the legal US Citizens—must do the same.

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