The Young and The Ignorant—The Leftists’ Favorite Targets in Their Quest for Power

The Young and The Ignorant—The Leftists’ Favorite Targets in Their Quest for Power

Propaganda released by Laurie Kellman and Emily Swanson of Associated Press on March 18, 2017, entitled: “Young Americans: Most see Trump as illegitimate president” did not surprise me.  In fact, nothing AP, Yahoo, CNN, CBS, NBC, CBS, and all the other leftist media outlets release surprises me.

My objection to the pseudo-journalism piece are multifaceted and complex.  I won’t get into all of my objections, regarding the piece, in this blog entry; however, I will comment on some of the more evident and perverted features of the piece.

Kellman and Swanson base their pseudo-journalism on polls.

Have leftists and journalist—often, I can’t distinguish one from the other—not yet learned the unreliability and inaccuracy of polls?

Yet, rather than question their weak and capricious foundation, Kellman and Swanson continue with their pseudo-journalism and ensue to bludgeon the SPJ Code of Ethics in their propaganda rampage.

Notwithstanding the dreadful and false premise, and the non-existent foundation, I was able to scavenge some fractional substance from their codswallop and thereby generate this blog.

Bypassing the refutes listed above, and the legion of repudiations I have not listed in this entry, I will concede that there exist a large percentage of college educated groups—mature and youth—who buy into the leftist agenda and believe, wholeheartedly, in its fabrications and distortions.

Nonetheless, the US Presidential Election of 2016 proves there is an immense demographic percentage of the US Voter population which no longer is as susceptible to the leftist ideology as they once were.

While they may believe certain social injustices endure, and some inequalities occur, they are no longer so quick to harmonize with the leftists’ determination as to the sources and origins of these social issues.

Moreover, many young people—college educated or not—reject such half-digested ideology, outright.  They are smart enough to realize that our $20, 000, 000, 000, 000 debt is falling on their shoulders.  After all, they will be the inheritors of such a massive debt, and will suffer most of its ignominy and financial/economic effect.

They may be young, but they’re not stupid.

Thus, when asked by AP—a leftist slanted publication of massive dimensions—how they feel about and judge President Trump, they answer in a manner which agrees with the desired result of the pollster.

This is exactly what occurred in 2016.  The US Voter—young and old—answered the polls one way, yet, under the cover of the voting booth, voted opposite of their poll answer.

College students are only too aware of the academic and social consequences of openly supporting President Trump in the face of a slanted leftist publication.

Word of their poll response will spread.  Subsequent insults (racist and otherwise), peer pressure, and outright bullying are sure to follow.

The leftists refuse to acknowledge such events take place and deny the facts which dispute the legitimacy and accuracy of polling data.

As for the young college educated mind that agrees with the leftist philosophy, I offer a word of caution and a categorical, unqualified warning.

Keep your head on a swivel, and watch your back.

There are many instances and examples, throughout the history of human politics, that entirely support my counsel, I will list only one.

Mao Zedong’s Red Guards, assembled by him in 1966 and introduced into the Cultural Revolution.  Zedong unabashedly promised the youth glory and state freebies, quickly gaining the youth generation’s assertive and fanatical support, which, at times, approached idealization and pure demagoguery.

Once in power, the truth of Zedong’s empty promises and lies became horrifically apparent.

With speed, the end came abruptly, brutally.

No longer needing the strength, enthusiasm, and violent propensity of the young and stupid, Mao personally ordered their vicious destruction.

The dead were countless.  The destruction of the young and ignorant was complete and absolute.

Make no mistake, the instances of leftist brutality against the young and the ignorant is voluminous.

The best advice I can give the young college students, once again being lied to, their ignorance being manipulated by the leftist, is don’t believe the liars who promise you the moon and the stars.

There is no free ride.

Nothing, including college and healthcare, is free.

If you fail to heed my counsel—you may pay with your freedom.

Worse yet, you may pay with your life.


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