True Consciousness—Emergence Theory’s Opportunity to Face Reality

True Consciousness—Emergence Theory’s Opportunity to Face Reality

Theory of Everything

One of the main reasons why I wrote Sword and The Pythia was to explain, using a fictional account, how the beast of Revelation will appear on earth and how Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

Additionally, the book’s plot deals with the areas of modern physics which have surfaced, or in some cases resurfaced, recently.  One of these areas is referred to as “emergence theory.”

Since my teenage years, I have waited for science to have the courage to confront the issues that impact humanity the most.  While science is still far away from embracing this notion, they are at least making progress and attempting to answer some of the serious questions of our time.

The leading proponents of emergence theory is a team of scientists in California who refer to themselves as Quantum Gravity Research.

Essentially, emergence theory is a unified first-principles quantum-gravity unification theory—the long-awaited promise by science on a theory of everything.

Emergence theory defines reality as a mosaic-like code or language at the smallest part of reality possible.

It is a definition I can agree with.

A Higher Consciousness

Back in high school, when I studied closed and open causal loops, multi-dimensional time and reality, determinism and non-determinism, consciousness, the golden ratio, light, infinity, and nothingness, science dismissed my conclusions.

Not only did I conclude the value of invisibility and divinity, but my findings left no question that determinism played a significant part in higher dimensional reality, even as non-determinism played a smaller part in lower dimensional reality.

All in all, science derided my findings, even as they derided the findings of their colleagues who dared to envision a universe that was infinite in nature.

Fast-forward to today and science is finally coming back around (backing up in reverse, essentially) and embracing much of my findings through emergence theory, and other theories, especially in the areas of QED and “fields.”

With respect to emergence theory, although science is closer to the truth than at any time in my life, science and I diverge in many critical areas.



the process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed.

synonyms: appearance, arrival, coming, materialization

the process of coming into being

Emergence is derived from the Latin word emergere.

Emergere means to bring forth, bring onto light, to arise out or up, come forth, come up, come out, rise up.

Discarding string theory as a viable vehicle of uniting Einstein’s “Relativity” with Quantum Mechanics, thereafter providing an explanation of reality, the long-awaited “Theory of Everything” promised by Hawking but never envisioned, Quantum Gravity Research has embarked on a voyage that brings them a step closer to discovering the reality I exist in, and revealing the divine dimensions of a heavenly truth.

Quantum Gravity Research uses seven points of reference to attempt to discover and create a theory of everything.

1          information

2          causality loops

3          non-determinism

4          Consciousness

5          pixelation

6          E8 Crystal

7          Golden Ratio

I agree with some of the findings of Quantum Gravity Research.  I entirely disagree with others.

I will address each of the seven points of reference in forthcoming blogs, in the hopes that I can participate in Quantum Gravity Research’s ambitious enterprise.

It will be an exercise in learning, humility, innocent excitement, and childlike creativity.  Beyond this, it will take maturity, and the desire to understand and touch wisdom, that will propel science toward a glorious step forward.

If science is not capable of such sagacity, then it will remain in darkness on many of the issues it wishes to explore and reveal.  This has been its nature in the past.  It is my hope that a new thought process has taken hold in science circles and a fresh dawn has cast-off the archaic methods and close-minded practices that have sheltered and blinded it for many generations.

This is a critical time for humanity.  More than ever, civilization compels science to open its awareness to new technologies it has often disregarded or refused to recognize.  It is the only way for it to advance and progress in a healthy dialogue.

It is time for science to learn a new language and communicate with a higher awareness.

It is my sole ambition to positively help to usher science into a revelation of breathtaking progress, and translate humanity into a higher consciousness and spiritual awakening.


Pictures: Zoltan Tasi, Max Oh, David Clode, NASA

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