Uninformed Basement Dwellers

Uninformed Basement Dwellers


Here the deplorable leftist media goes again.

Yes, she did insult the Sander’s supporters.

Once again the filth leftist media is telling us what we’re hearing—like we’re too stupid to hear with our own ears.

Remember Romney’s 47% quote?

When did the leftist media try to explain what he said?


Instead, the leftist media bludgeoned Romney with his own words.

In this instance, because it’s Clinton—their preferred choice for president—they make every effort to clean up her deplorable words and shelter her.



Every day that passes, every election, they become more deliberate in their flagrant disregard for journalism.

The pseudo journalists who fill the registers of the leftist media propaganda machines (most media outlets) have become far worse in the past twenty years.

In this election cycle, pseudo-journalism has reached a repulsive level.

Leading the way in the sewer journalism is CNN, Yahoo, AP, and most of the TV media outlets.

The instances of pseudo-journalism are so prevalent; it disgusts the rational mind.

The most recent illustration of subjective reporting by the media comes through a hacked audio of a Clinton conversation with campaign donors in February.  In the audio Clinton not only distanced herself from progressive goals like “free college and free healthcare,” she went on to describe her political range as spanning from center-left to center-right.

After this disclosure to Sander’s voters, who are, at present, suspicious of Clinton’s trustworthiness and commitment to their progressive agenda, Clinton slung yet another insult at this key demographic.


Ignoring the fact that her daughter has had a “gravy train” existence her entire life, Clinton referred to Sander’s supporters in the most derogatory of ways, calling them uninformed brats living in their parent’s basement.

Without question, any comment by Trump containing even a hint of controversy would have caused the media to go into an instant frenzy.

Moreover, if he had said something like this—an affront to a large segment of a critical demographic—the news cycle would have been saturated with Trump’s gaffe.

Regarding this divisive harangue by Clinton, the media has broken their necks to try to explain Clinton’s words.


When in the hell has the leftist media propagandists ever tried to explain Trump’s words?


For the entire campaign—Clinton’s been protected and sheltered by the leftist media.

This was the scheme and partiality the media displayed in the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns.  If anything, it is even worse in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Clinton has often said she doesn’t want to be elected because of her gender, but has many times played the gender card to gain an advantage.

The media has allowed her to exhibit such immature behavior with scarcely a drop of ink of coverage, all the while berating Trump for any misstep, regardless of the scope.

This is no different.

Or is it?

It is the Sander’s supporters she needs to defeat Trump.

If the Trump campaign team can assume the role of the media and create an ad campaign to reveal her weakness as a deleter, an enabler, and a hater of the young, women, and minorities that compose the over 12, 000, 000 Bernie followers, then, for the first time, Clinton won’t have anywhere to hide.

If Trump and his team can succeed in revealing Clinton’s lies and treachery—again, one last time—there won’t be enough time for Clinton’s team to reverse the damage, and the White House is his.



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