Venice Homeland

Venice Homeland

Venice has a smell all its own.

As I roamed the walkways that shouldered the water thoroughfares of Venice I learned this.

Frantically searching to find Campo San Boldo, a place that nearly foretold my Family name, I further discovered this.

This imprint of natural aroma, streaming forth from the venerable Adriatic, marinates the visitor and dweller alike with a scent as earthen as spice.

No matter where you go throughout the water channels, despite the time of day, the breezes of the sea bathe you in a smell that is distinctly Mediterranean and everlastingly memorable.

Regardless of the brand of cologne or perfume you use, or the amount you splash on your body, within minutes the sea wafts will remove all pretense from you, and you will smell like every other Venetian.

There was an incredible familiarity to Venice that I immediately saw and felt—a warmth and feeling of peacefulness.

Of idleness.

As if without a care, Venice exists for the dreamer, the lover of life, and the innocent wanderer.

Tomorrow, the traveler is entreated. Leave the voyage until tomorrow.

Today, enjoy the company of family and friends.

What I saw and felt in Venice was the pureness of home.

I often reminisce of Venezia—the incredible architecture; the astonishing achievement of its construction; the spectacular demonstration of excellence that is St Mark’s Campanile.

within minutes the sea wafts will remove all pretense from you

But for all of the glory Venice displayed, for all of its greatness that it revealed to me, for all of the immense inspiration and originality I witnessed in its creation, such magnificence paled in comparison to the radiant splendor of my beloved Mother, who, along with my sister, I took with me on the journey.

With quiet, respectful reverence at the spectacle that is Venezia, my Mother retained her dignified articulacy. Offering a gentle comment here, and conveying a meaning with a small gesture there, my Mother offered the city of Venice much more than awe.

She presented the city with a fragrance of her beauty and humanity.

Venice is a glorious place. But my Mother never lost sight of what made it truly great—its people.

Long before I laid eyes on such astounding beauty as a Venice sunset, I witnessed a greatness of blood and Family in the image of my Father and Mother.

On my death bed it will not be the exquisiteness of Venice, or the mighty vision of Rome, that I will take to my grave.

It will be the grand spectacle of my Mother and the relentless spirit of my Father that I will take to the next life with me.


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