War—The COVID-19 Plague Bomb and the New Face of 21st Century Warfare

War—The COVID-19 Plague Bomb and the New Face of 21st Century Warfare

We’re at war.

Discount my words, call me a lunatic, argue against everything I’ll say in this blog post, but do so at your own peril.

COVID-19, and the subsequent series of events leading up to where we are today, is too neat, too contrived, to be a natural occurrence of germ transfer and biological misbehavior.

There’s obviously a thought-out path—a conscious, premeditated plot—at work here.

Observe the targets: Retail outlets, restaurants, theaters, bars, the list goes on and on.  All of these being critical establishments, and businesses of profit.

Observe the design: All critical businesses of profit closed down, or drastically limited in their profit-making ability.

Essentially, the United States’ number one weapon—commerce—has been totally paralyzed, or severely delimited.

What political party could not do, what world militaries dared not try, an infinitesimal microorganism has conceived possible: Launch an attack against the mightiest military and dominant country in the modern history of our world.

Bring the United States of America to its knees.

The deliberate release of pathogens or toxins into the air and water is one of the many phases of old 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation warfare, given a makeover and repackaged into the new face of modern warfare.

From 4thgeneration warfare, continuing into 5th, 6th, 7th, and even 8thgeneration warfare—a hellish vision of war incorporating and merging old concepts of battlefield killing into new lethal concepts of killing never envisioned or possible before—the new battlefield has been established and defined.

Without the conventional bombing, or firing a single round, our stores are closed, our people are shuttered, and fear has been absorbed into our once free culture.

There can be no mistaking this attack any longer.

Only the blind will deny the unmistakable patterns of warfare ingrained within the fabric of this new method of attack.

And only the naïve will deny the all too convenient results and consequences.

Pick up a copy of the Wall Street Journal, or take a walk on Wall Street, and you’ll learn about and see and count the casualties of war.

Welcome to the new face of hellish warfare—a vortex of killing on an unimaginable scale.

But whatever you do don’t panic, or you’ll be herded like an oblivious cow led to slaughter and not even see who’s responsible for the terror and how to defend yourself.

As in old warfare, this new way of warfare can be traced to its point of origin.

Just ask yourself: Who stands to gain and benefit from the US economy tanking?  Who stands to gain and benefit from Wall Street tanking and our retail stores being closed and shut down?

The answer’s easy, if you’re willing to open your eyes.


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