Warp Speed to Nowhere—Timelines and Warnings

Warp Speed to Nowhere—Timelines and Warnings

A Vaccine Is Not A Cure

All Coronaviruses are different. Since 1930 the COVID series has developed into a titanic struggle between the capabilities of modern medicine to protect the human race and the willingness of countries—namely China—to press the lab development of the series into extreme strains.

Equally as deadly as China’s lab development series of COVID is the emergence of countries, driven by fear, to progress a vaccine highway.

If there’s one thing that can be certain, yesterday’s COVID series is not parallel to today’s COVID series.

According to John Hopkins, a vaccine development timeline takes a long time, with Preclinical trials of a vaccine candidate taking 10 years, or longer.

Phase I clinical trials provide the basis to assessing vaccines in people and are critical in judging a vaccines short-term safety.

Phase II takes another 2-5 years and continues to calculate safety and immune responses in larger numbers and more diverse volunteer groups. A wide variety of immune responses are measured, including antibodies and cell-mediated immunity.  What is important to understand is that Phase II trials do not determine how well a vaccine actually works.  Only in Phase III is vaccine efficacy assessed.

Phase III trials take another 5 years, if a safe pace is followed.  Phase III is the only phase where a vaccine can be determined whether vaccines are safe and effective.  It is at this stage where long-term safety of a vaccine is a major objective.

What’s concerning is that even after post-licensure vaccine safety monitoring continues.  Moreover, any safety concerns that materialize at this stage have led to a licensed vaccine being withdrawn from use.

HIV Risk

Propping up weakened immune systems does not allow many to improve their biological defenses and become naturally strengthened.  It is the state of life that a strong immune system is necessary to ward off diseases and sicknesses.  Human emotions, while vital in supporting us in maintaining good health, cannot offset the possible damage fear induced actions can cause.

Just six months ago researchers urged caution when it came to the use of adenovirus type-5 (Ad5) vectored vaccines for COVID-19.  The fear was that some of these vaccines could make patients more susceptible to contracting HIV.

Marked exploratory studies indicated that the vaccine enhances HIV replication in CD4 T cells or that that Ad5-specific CD4 T cells were more susceptible to HIV infection.

In the end, no matter who says what, there is no warp speed when it comes to vaccine development. It’s like fire.  If not developed and controlled safely, it can burn your house down, with you in it.

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