“What Will We Do?”

“What Will We Do?”

Saying relations with the United States have deteriorated in a “radically changed environment,” President Vladimir Putin of Russia withdrew Monday from a landmark nuclear security agreement, in a troubling sign that the countries’ cooperation in a range of nuclear areas could be threatened.


This is the danger of electing the wrong, unqualified officials.

A president, a congressperson/legislator, a judge, they’re all important and we must display due diligence in who we elect to our political executive, legislative, and judicial offices.

Russia has displayed prowess in the Middle East and elsewhere.

We need a leader who not only understands them (this president doesn’t have a clue and Clinton’s no better) but a leader who displays the “temperament” to show and fully display our proficiency and ability in the areas of power and domination.

Say what you will—if the USA does not begin to display such “control” facets of global administration, other countries and evil forces will rise up to do so.

It is the way of the world and we cannot be naïve on this critical leadership area when we elect our political class.

Trump’s temperament keeps being ridiculed, yet, it was this standing president who criticized Romney in the 2012 presidential debates, implying that Romney’s stances and statements were inconsistent on foreign policy regarding Russia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

This president revealed he was unqualified and showed immaturity in the 2012 debates when he lectured Romney and the US Citizens that the “Cold War” was over.


He was dead wrong and our country still elected him.

Take a look at the danger:

Russia is a bitter pill for this president to swallow, especially when the Syrian War is brought to light.



It was Russia who took leadership away from the USA in Syria.

Throughout the military events in Syria, that have cost the lives of over a half million people and climbing, Russia has been more than a few steps ahead of this president.

I don’t see Clinton improving the USA in this area.  If anything, she is more clueless than the president on how best to deal with Russia.

Trump, on the other hand, does understand how to deal with Russia.  He’s actually mentioned those ways many times.

photolenta_big_photoIraq is the rubble and nest from which al Qaida, and Daesh sprung from.

To go over the atrocious record of the previous four presidents in Iraq—including Bush 41, not just Bush 43—is not necessary.  I think we can all agree our foreign policy in Iraq is awful.

Afghanistan, Egypt, and Libya are three more examples of a dreadful US foreign policy, that is becoming more and more dangerous, as the past two incompetent, unqualified presidents have squandered much of the stabilizing elements that it took our country decades to build.

All these incompetent presidents and corrupt politicians do to us is destroy our culture and endanger the future of our posterity.

We must be more diligent in searching and electing our next generation of leaders, starting now.

One way to start: elect someone from the “outside” of the DC snake pit that has caused our country so much damage in such a short time.

In the end—the answer to the question “Who will we elect to improve our country?” pales in comparison to the more important question “What will We do to improve our country?”

As has always been the case: We—the Citizens of the USA—are the most critical and most important part of this election, and all the future elections to come.

We must become more involved in our country’s politics.

If we don’t—we will certainly get the disastrous results our incompetent past presidents have orchestrated.

And we will die as a nation.




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