Wild West and The Nazi Big Lie—The Leftist Faction’s Evil Ploy to Destroy our Laws

Wild West and The Nazi Big Lie—The Leftist Faction’s Evil Ploy to Destroy our Laws

In the old Old West—the Wild West—a common theme was for illegal factions to change the meaning of law to fit their needs.  The essential components required were willing participants and accomplices—tinhorns were readily available—and a scheme to frame the basis of their mendacities and distortion.

Repeatedly, the leftist faction has chosen the Wild West method to fashion the fake news they routinely distribute to the USA masses.

Much like the Nazis—a group of criminals who thoroughly studied the felonious systems and devices employed by the American Frontier folk—the leftist factions have resorted to cloaking their dishonest and unreliable posts by clinging to a “Big Lie” premise, regardless of its origin, and fabricating counterfeit journalism and yellow journalism around their propaganda.

It is a sickening—yet tried-and-true—process of propaganda that catapulted Hitler and his gang to power, thereby hoodwinking many and murdering millions.

In this case, it is the “Russian Collusion” Big Lie that is at the heart of the leftist faction’s propaganda ring of con and swindle.

This premise is made more absurd considering the previous president’s inclination to “secretly negotiate” with the Russians on numerous occasions—even being caught on “hot mic” prior to his reelection underhandedly pleading with the Russians to wait until he had more political maneuvering room to satisfy their scheming.

Secretary of State Clinton was made of the same cloth and even had an ugly “reset” –misspellings and all—to demonstration her willingness to surreptitiously negotiate with the Russians on everything from money laundering, to outright selling of our nuclear material to them.

The problem with the Secretary of State, as well as her artificial and devious chief, was that they were not competent enough to hold a candle to the Russian Prime Minister and his highly adroit, chess-playing cabinet, in the art of clandestine political calculation.

The leftist faction of the Huffington Post & Yahoo can post all of the fake news, yellow journalism, and Nazi Big Lies they want—they will never prove that our President colluded with the Russians in a criminal manner.

Here are the facts:

The President NEVER criminally lied to anyone, regarding his Russian dealings.  His Russian collusion considered the best military strategy to destroy Daesh.

He wrote his Russian collusion to destroy Daesh in blood—the blood of the Islamic Terrorists who our military is utterly defeating.

Clinton & Comey and the FBI, however, criminally lied repeatedly.

Flynn did too.

Those are the facts—and they are indisputable.



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