Yahoo, Take a Knee, and Sports Politics—The Leftist Slant of Modern Sports

Yahoo, Take a Knee, and Sports Politics—The Leftist Slant of Modern Sports

Take a Knee, or Take the Money

Sports has its place—as does politics.

Rarely do the two mix.

The NFL began a “so-called” political movement, without considering the ramifications and consequences beforehand.

Some narrow-minded politicians jumped on the bandwagon, but they were short-sighted, as well.

Before, during, and after the fact, yahoo has been one of the influencers in promoting and pushing the leftist agenda in the sports industry, much as yahoo has been the central hub of all leftist movements and agendas in our country, for quite some time.

Now, because the fans’ have taken initiative and have expressed their outrage, yahoo and the NFL wish to shift their “so-called” political movement.

Today, I have witnessed three well-written articles on yahoo, regarding the NFL’s BS take a knee political movement, all of them stating polls that are reflecting the fan’s anger at the methods of the players (taking a knee during our national anthem, etc.) to pursue their agendas.

This is shocking because yahoo rarely releases well-written articles, choosing instead to release garbage, pseudo-journalism, fake and distorted news, and biased op-eds, most of the time.

So, imagine my shock when I read these succinct pieces gently explaining and, at times, even offering solutions to the problem the NFL is faced with.

Due to fans burning their merchandise, fans voicing their opinions, fans expressing their outrage to the sponsors of the NFL, and other sports—even threatening and staging boycotts of their products, unless they take a stand against the NFL players’ methods—the NFL is now exhibiting all the signs of remorse, and showing concern for how this entire fiasco has been handled.

I’m certain that most of the players didn’t even have the foggiest idea what the entire take a knee movement was all about, or the evil ideology it was based upon, when they bowed their knee and gave it homage.

Now that they have educated themselves and are having misgivings about the whole scene, they—and yahoo—are attempting to change the dialogue.

This is standard operating procedure (SOP) of the leftists—a ploy to twist, deform, and misrepresent a proven set of facts, thereby to cherry pick facts, and better push their ugly agendas.

Some of the players are now saying that they were protesting President Trump when they took a knee.  That is not what the take a knee movement is about, at all.

I know this because the leader of the take a knee movement, Colin Kaepernick, stated unequivocally what he was taking a knee for and what his action and movement stood for.

Here are his exact words:

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color,” Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. “To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

From the horse’s own mouth, he admits that the take a knee movement has nothing to do with our President, nor even police brutality, in its essence.

Kaepernick’s take a knee movement is directly aimed at our flag, our country, our entire USA culture.

It is a typical “go to” maneuver of the leftists.  When in doubt—hate the USA.

Kaepernick hates our USA culture—he only loves our USA money.

I believe the NFL, and its players, will eventually make a formal apology to the fans and our Country for their behavior.

Issuing a formal and public mea culpa is an acknowledgement mostly reserved for the politician, however, because of yahoo’s strategy and tactics of using modern sports to push their extreme, leftist agenda, the NFL has backed themselves into a corner they must extricate themselves from, or they will lose their livelihood.


Football is nothing without the fans.

It may be the greatest game on the planet, but if there are no fans to watch it and cheer, it means nothing.

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