Yellow Journalism—Yahoo’s Rapid Decline and Their Gutter Legacy

Yellow Journalism—Yahoo’s Rapid Decline and Their Gutter Legacy

In 2007, the previous president made extensive use of yahoo’s cyber influence, contracting paid trolls to post bogus comments on its site, as well as colluding with the news conglomerate in falsifying and manipulating news cycles to fit the campaign message and promote the leftist agenda.

The strategy worked, allowing an incompetent, USA-hating pettifogger to assume the presidency, and then get re-elected in 2012.

Anyone with a clear vantage point could not deny that yahoo played a consequential, vital part in the 2008 US Presidential Election, and a supporting role in the 2012 election.

Since then, yahoo’s leftist smear tactics, and manufactured indoctrination fake news platform has waned, but not by its own putrid acts of mendacious pseudo-journalism practices that spurn appropriate and carefully vetted investigative inquiry.

Yahoo’s meteoric fall has come because of the response of organized efforts to expose it for its clear leftist agenda reporting, as well as its tabloid-centered content stream.

Since 2008, yahoo has declined in market appraisal from $44.6 billion, to around $5 billion.

Yet, despite its market cap collapse, yahoo still retains the “bones” to cause issue and difficulty to anyone, regardless of status or position.

The FBI citing a yahoo article to substantiate a warrant request is appalling, and highlights yahoo’s substantial influence in the political arena, as well as their prominence to collude with corrupt officials against the US Citizens’ best interests.

I have fought a long-standing war against yahoo, and their lewd and indecent pseudo-journalism.

I will not put an end to this conflict until yahoo is destroyed and their obscene legacy is removed from our consciousness.

Even in their economically disastrous condition, yahoo is a dangerous force.  Their abhorrence for our culture and our country makes them enemies of our Republic.

Yet, my indignation is much lower for yahoo, in contrast to my rage toward the FBI.

The secret societies within the FBI, and perhaps in other branches of our government, are the enforcers of yahoo’s disgusting program of leftist hate.  They form the conduit through which such cultural antipathy can inflict deadly force upon the well-being of our liberty.

Not only did the FBI fail to execute their lawful obligations, they conspired with yahoo to circumvent our judicial practice and—even more reprehensible—influence our presidential election.

The FBI dared to suppose they are the choosers of our presidents.  Worse yet, they didn’t even have the aptitude, or the enterprise, to do their own damn research.

Since we have learned that the FBI is the “hired gun” of the DNC—ultimately the leftist-faction—where does yahoo fit into the revolting scheme?

Evidently, they are the investigator and the source of a soiled and foul network of “anonymous sources” and accomplices whose singular objective is to undermine and remove the rightfully sitting president elected by the US Voters.

For this reason, I remain vigilant against yahoo and its vast organization of leftist-agenda-spewing, USA-hating media, political, and police dynamisms.

As for the FBI, I question their need anymore.

Perhaps it’s best to reconstitute its guts and hierarchy, and create a new law-enforcement agency that would not be so radically politicized.

If we fail to do something about the FBI corruption that is staring us in the face, we will never be certain if we have removed the cancerous tissue that has inflicted and metastasized all across its body.

Time is of the essence.

Or else, one day soon, a more corrupt system of law-enforcement may approach yahoo’s bankrupt headquarters and appeal to Verizon’s Corporate investors, and just pin badges on them.

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