Yes We Can

Yes We Can

Trump says we can build a wall.

Whether he said it, or someone else said it, I am of the absolute conviction that the USA is the greatest nation on the planet and we can do anything we set our mind to do.

A few months back, the leftist criticized Trump’s convention speech as being too austere.

Clinton took to the podium to proclaim that the USA is the greatest country, always has been. (She actually used the word America, not USA)

Well, now, the leftist have changed their tune. Now, the USA is not even great enough to build a wall.

Not great enough to even try.

“We can’t do it!” they yell in a whiny, pathetic voice.

I am repulsed by their doublespeak.

I vacationed last year in the American Great West—South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, etc.

What I observed was tremendous land space, immense mountains, and exceedingly rugged terrain. Even in our modern era, much of the area is undeveloped and raw.

As I viewed the breathtaking expanse, I contemplated how things would fare if it was the destiny of our modern generation to tame the “wild” of the USA West.

It gave me a long moment of pause, whether I would risk such a journey to develop the territory if it was still remote, savage, and undeveloped and I was utilizing modern equipment.

Such a thought gave me even more of a pause when I considered the possibility of bringing my family with me on such a daunting project, even if we were accompanied by other families.

Then I contemplated living out there as we developed the raw land.

Our USA ancestors did it with a horse and covered wagon, the family mule and cow, and a lot of courage and toughness.

I understand and realize those old fashioned USA qualities have been watered down significantly in our country nowadays.

In fact, I barely recognize our country even from when I was a kid.

From the political correctness, to the hypersensitivity and overreaction to just about every form of honesty and candor, to the food we eat and the ideas we think—I don’t believe anyone will argue that we are not the same country we once were.

But to hear these so called experts cry about what can and can’t be done angers me. They’re not fit to clean the undergarments of our USA ancestors.


If Trump were speaking to those great USA Citizens who crossed and developed the USA West, he would get a different response.

With powerful energy and unrestrained greatness, they would rise to their feet, salute the USA flag, and in one voice yell, at the top of their lungs, “Yes, we can do it! Yes, we can!”


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