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NASA reveals evidence of massive water vapour plumes on Jupiter’s moon Europa

NASA announced last year that it intends to send a robotic spacecraft, equipped with a suite of scientific instruments, to circle Europa in the 2020s.

Europa contains an ocean with twice as much water in it as the Earth’s oceans, but it is protected by a layer of ice of unknown thickness.
“Europa’s ocean is considered to be one of the most promising places that could potentially harbour life in the solar system,” said Geoff Yoder, acting associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington.

“These plumes, if they do indeed exist, may provide another way to sample Europa’s subsurface.”



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The Ululant Ache

An interplanetary love story

Love hurts…

Even in space…

Astrobiologist Gilbert Fornia lost his wife to ovarian cancer twenty years ago.

Unable to get beyond his grief, for twenty lonely years his love for her grows stronger.

Then, on a mission to Europa, aboard the ISS Galilei, Gilbert sees his dead wife within a mysterious energy source emanating from the deep ocean moon.

At that instant, Gilbert’s dead emotions are reborn.

A specialized research vessel—the Potentate—is jettisoned to Europa’s surface to explore the ocean moon and uncover its mysteries. In the meanwhile, astonishing and dangerous events take place, immersing the mission in a deadly crisis. At the critical point, it’s determined that the energy source deep in Europa’s planetary sea is inflicting the Galilei and the Potentate with a killing ebb and flow stream of energy.

From the depths of Europa’s ocean, the Potentate calls for help.

With the fleet dying from the energy ebbs, there isn’t enough power left to save the Potentate and launch out of Jupiter’s mighty gravitational influence.

The Galilei must decide—by plebiscitum.

Attempt a rescue, or leave the Potentate to perish in the ocean?

In the midst of the power ebbs and flows, at the brink between life and death, the evidence confronting the Galilei refutes scientific understanding of the conception of life and the finality of death… and immortality…

One of Baltazar Boloado’s best-selling novels, The Ululant Ache takes readers on a journey rife with action, suspense, and undeniable thrill.


A science fiction novel with heart

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