Publius: Sic Semper Tyrannis

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Quentin Randolph, son of Isham Randolph

Irene Randolph, Quentin’s wife

Thomas and Karrie Jackson

Isham Jackson, Thomas and Karrie’s son

William Jackson, Code name: Gravedigger

Nathan and Rebekah, a Texas couple in love

Matthias Pierpont Ogden, powerful banker of the Ogden Family Dynasty, President of the Absolutist Government

Within the burning winds of revolution, brother wars against brother. Families bury their kin. Revenge spreads across the land like a dark cloud.

We are a country divided.


The main plot of the book seeks to parallel the growing division our nation is faced with and foretell the likely events that will transpire unless we come to our senses and succeed in reconciling our differences.


Numerous polls, articles, and Government files reflect the growing sentiment that a modern US Civil War is imminent.


January 6th, 2021 is not an accurate parallel of the book’s main theme.

The book’s main theme is not insurrection, it’s abolishment.

Aligning their intentions with the idea of the Declaration of Independence, the legislative body that calls itself the House of Burgesses does not wish to secede from such an evil government.

They wish to abolish it.

There’s a lot happening in this book so readers should pay attention – it’s worth the effort. At times somewhat sparing with the dialogue, the author nonetheless builds the relationships well and you get a good sense of how the characters are linked and what is important to them. This book takes us on a fascinating ride across different locations and within plot lines which are sometimes a bit too realistic to be comfortable.  Highly recommended. For mystery readers who like to be challenged.


Louise G, NetGalley Reviewer


A must read. I give it 4.5 stars and a strong recommendation. The book is definitely something you don’t want to miss!

Mary L, NetGalley Reviewer


I have just found a new author to read. I loved the storyline and it good from page one until the end. You won’t be disappointed.

Jadeen J, NetGalley Reviewer




The House of Burgesses, a legislative body of US citizens that has existed in the United States for decades, has created a new government called the Nation of Northern Virginia.  They stand opposed to the Absolutists, who have taken control of the United States Government, have branded the Burgesses domestic terrorists and put prices on their heads.

But now, Matthias Pierpont Ogden, the powerful banker of the Ogden Family Dynasty, and the president of the Absolutist Government, driven to protect and to preserve his family’s legacy, is fearful of the danger the Burgesses pose to the global banking organization his family has headed for centuries.  Representing a vast meritocratic society, Ogden mobilizes formidable political, financial, and military forces together to uncover and destroy the Burgesses once and for all.

To further escalate the conflict, Quentin Randolph, son of the dead revolutionary, Isham Randolph, is compelled by the legendary status and overpowering influence of his father to follow in his footsteps.  Sensing the hand of providence, and an overpowering familial plan which he believes he cannot escape from, he returns from a safe house abroad and is installed as the new leader of the Burgesses.

Meanwhile,Thomas Jackson, the one-time military commander of the Army of Northern Virginia, born and raised under the guidance and tutelage of the Burgesses, has resigned his position and is now living in Wyoming.

Through an orchestrated chain of events, Thomas’s safe house location is exposed and the Department of Defense’s counterintelligence unit, CIFA, once believed to be decommissioned, employs a secret military organization known as the Omega Field Group (OFG) to remove (assassinate) Thomas.

In a daring escape, Thomas and his wife, Karrie, lead their family out of danger.

Pursued by OFG, in a desperate struggle to survive, the Jacksons head into the mighty expanse of the Jedediah Smith Wilderness, seeking refuge.  Transported to a younger America, Thomas and Karrie reconcile their commitment to their country and themselves.

In the hope of saving them, the Burgesses send a single operator, a lone warrior, into the wilderness to extract the Jacksons.

Underneath the majesty of the Grand Tetons, the Jacksons are led out of the wasteland and towards their destiny.

While the 2ndCivil War of the United States rages across the country, Nathan and Rebekah, a Texas couple in love, find themselves thrust into the bloody struggle.

Nathan joins the war effort, seeking to avenge his brother’s death.  Tragically, he is captured by Omega and is subjected to the fearsome technology of mind reading used by the MKDELTA Technical Services Division (TSD). Within its shadowy realms, filled with frightening, hallucinatory creations, ultimately, Nathan, like his brother before him, is mentally and emotionally destroyed. His spirit broken, he is transformed into a lethal killing machine that desires neither civilization nor comfort.

As before, heading OFG is the man in the pinstripe suit, codenamed Gravedigger, a sinister man who subsists in the netherworld of black warfare, counterintelligence, and counterterrorism.  Seeking to find and remove the leaders of the Burgesses, Gravedigger rips apart Nathan’s mind.  There, he finds and tears out the memory of Nathan and Rebekah’s love story.

Broken and empty, Nathan no longer remembers Rebekah.  His love for her is replaced with a cold deadliness. In an emotional vacuum of isolation and mental destruction, Nathan cries out through the neurological trauma being inflicted on him, as he struggles to recover the memory of his fiancée, and the love they shared.

Eventually, Nathan is turned into an incarnation of death, and becomes a savage creature of assassination.  His mission: Assassinate Quentin Randolph.

In the meantime, desperate to find her man, Rebekah journeys to Virginia.  She hires a private detective, Arianna Shurtlieff, to help her.

The search leads Arianna and Rebekah into a shadowy world of dark web activities and secret antigovernment groups, eventually leading to the activities of the Culper Ring, a spy agency under the control of the Burgesses.

In a desperate attempt to find and save Nathan and Rebekah, Quentin, and a small band of Burgesses, are lured into a trap and ambushed.

Like ghosts, Nathan and a band of assassins scour the Virginia forests in search of Quentin.  Fighting to recover his mind, in a dangerous struggle to recapture his identity and life, Nathan’s love for Rebekah overcomes Omega’s mental control and influence, and he recalls his emotions for her.  Caught in the middle of a world of assassins, his love for Rebekah overcomes all the hate Omega has injected into his brain.

Tormented in the dark realms of killing and insanity, Nathan must fight a war in his consciousness: Carry out the Omega mission to assassinate Quentin, or save Rebekah.

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