Carpenter, Fisherman, Gardener

My Density Toward Singularity at the Feet of the Truth, the Life, and the Way.

A flawed man, I venture to approach the singularity of my soul from the vision and skill of the Carpenter, from the precision and reality of the Fisherman, and from the touch and passion of the Gardener.

From the measurement and span of the wood, the Carpenter builds my home and constructs the dimensions of my immeasurable life.  From the hope and teachings of the water, the Fisherman searches the depths of my errant soul with hook and line to recover my innocent humanity and feed my eternal spirit.  From the hunger and thirst of the soil, the Gardener cultivates and harvests my fallow ground into a heavenly orchard wherein resides the Tree of Life.

Singularity is my destiny.


Constructing and Filling Eternity—The Carpenter’s Greatest Gift

Discoveries vs. Funny Energy   There may be some who will think that the subjects of this blog—the transcendent Carpenter, the transcendent Fisherman, and the transcendent Gardener—are metaphorical representations I …

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