Carpenter, Fisherman, Gardener

17 08, 2019

Singularity—The Ultimate Emergence of Life

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Spacetime Physicists, astronomers, astrophysicists, and all others who gaze at the cosmos to study its mechanics, were dumbstruck in 1905 when special theory exploded the scientific concept of the three-dimensional geometry of the universe. Eleven years later, Schwarzschild’s first modern [...]

13 07, 2019

Faith Dimensions—The Fisherman’s Quantum Emergence

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Calculated Philosopher The transcendent Fisherman is a calculated philosopher.  Like the profound deliberations of the Gardener and the Carpenter, the Fisherman is an explorer and a traveler through the infinite dimensions of a higher consciousness. Deeply rooted in the serenity [...]

23 05, 2019

Arimathea Garden

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After an extremely harsh and long winter, the Japanese Weeping Cherry has finally awakened and fully blossomed.  The Arimathea Garden is entranced by its beauty. On twitter: Author of:

12 05, 2019

In My Father’s House—The Mansion of My Eternity

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Cornerstone The transcendent Carpenter is a master craftsman, possessed of a humble core.  With hands unparalleled, He dares to build things not built by flesh and blood. Irrespective of earthly material, the Carpenter’s unspoiled quest, in pursuit of perfection, declares the [...]