15 06, 2019

Constructing and Filling Eternity—The Carpenter’s Greatest Gift

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Discoveries vs. Funny Energy There may be some who will think that the subjects of this blog—the transcendent Carpenter, the transcendent Fisherman, and the transcendent Gardener—are metaphorical representations I employ to make sense of our earthly reality.  They may conjecture [...]

12 05, 2019

In My Father’s House—The Mansion of My Eternity

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Cornerstone The transcendent Carpenter is a master craftsman, possessed of a humble core.  With hands unparalleled, He dares to build things not built by flesh and blood. Irrespective of earthly material, the Carpenter’s unspoiled quest, in pursuit of perfection, declares the [...]

10 04, 2019

Carpenter—The Measured Wood Builds My Home and Constructs the Dimensions of My Immeasurable Life

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Wood In the ancient past, water ran over Earth’s lands in violent, uncontrolled blankets, with no clear paths. Only the Spirit of Life moved upon the face of the waters. Around 450 million years ago, vascular plants formed.  Soaking up [...]