Chess versus Poker—Another Red Line in the Sand

Chess versus Poker—Another Red Line in the Sand

Reuters, WSJ, and many other sources reported that the US Government has warned Russia that the US would respond decisively if Russia would use nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

Sources have reported recent US military buildup in the Baltic region, as well as the Polish border.

The setting is eerily similar to the 2012 bluff by the US Government when a “red line” turned into a “no line” in Syria.

Russia, as well as the whole world, observed the bluff.

In their military engagements, Russia is not known to bluff.  This holds true to their military engagement in the Ukraine.

Without question the Ukraine Special Military Operation (SMO) was not well planned, organized, or executed.  Nevertheless, win, lose, or draw, Russia will fight to accomplish their objectives and they’re not squeamish when the bloodletting occurs.

You don’t have to go back too far in history to witness their tenaciousness and willingness to expend blood to accomplish their military goals, including and especially World War II.

The same thing cannot be said for the US.  Our history is littered with poorly planned military engagements that cost more blood than was foreseen and we abandoned them when the body count grew too heavy.

Neither point matters now as we have entered into a dreadful escalation in the conflict.  Rather, let my voice be the voice of the rational mind, and join other like-minded voices.

The question must not be ignored.  Is Ukraine worth the blood of US soldiers?

If we are going to war with Russia the military equation is catastrophic.

When it comes to Ukraine, bluffing and posturing won’t work.

In the United States we play poker.

In Russia they play chess.

For the sake of peace, I think we need to start thinking like chess players.

Photos:  Carlos Esteves



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